Thor Halvorssen Has Built A Massive Human Rights Organization From The Ground Up

There many people in the world today that don’t have access to the basic rights that people in the western world often take for granted. These violations of basic liberties and rights occur in numerous regions of the world. Human rights violations can take different forms. In some cases, governments are working to prevent the atrocities. However, in other cases, there is little being done at a governmental level. Human Rights Foundation believes that all individuals should have fundamental human rights, and intervention is always advised in the case of human rights violations. Human Rights Foundation works to improve the civil liberties of anyone who needs it, and they do so regardless of the political situation. In fact, they have even worked to help people in one of the world’s most politically oppressed and isolated nations, North Korea.

Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen started Human Rights Foundation, because he is strongly opposed to any form of violation of civil liberties. He believes that all people should have certain universal rights, regardless of the country that they live in. Prior to Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has worked in other ways to promote human rights.

He has developed this philosophy, due to his own life experiences. He grew up in a country where some questionable incidents have taken place. As a Venezuelan, he saw oppression with his own eyes. Halvorssen’s father worked for the police, and he was given the task of getting information on drug cartel members. The plan was to investigate, and catch criminals involved with the cartel. Unfortunately, Halvorssen’s father ended up thrown in jail. The legal system jailed him in a corrupt scheme that was aimed at protecting cartel members. The International Society For Human Rights was able to free him from imprisonment. Halvorssen’s mother fell victim to a shooting incident during a protest.

Workers for the Human Rights Foundation have successfully assisted some of the world’s most oppressed people. Even the oppressed citizens of North Korea have not been out of reach to the Human Rights Foundation. In future years, Human Rights Foundation will continue to make more of a difference in the world. Many more people will be able to have increased freedom, due to the hard work of Thor Halvorssen’s organization.

The Professional Responsibilities of Investment Banker and CEO Martin Lustgarten

Investment bankers are professional financial advisers for corporations that basically spend their career seeking ways to help others earn more money. Typically employed by financial institutions, they look for methods of raising capital for other businesses, charitable organizations or the government. This is a high-profile financial career that requires the banker to be extremely knowledgeable about the market in the country where they are based, as well as around the world.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker and CEO from Florida has been working for years to help businesses define their goals and seek ways to achieve them. He personally educates his clients on the value of certain investments and educates them about the value of securities and stock options. He has not only worked to help his clients to achieve financial success, he has spent time attempting to educate the public about how investment banking works and what people should expect from the services of this type of professional. His Tumblr account will reflect these interests and endeavors.
As a CEO, Lustgarten has overseen numerous investment endeavors for clients involved in a variety of industries. He enjoys having the ability to seek out new opportunities and research the histories of each company that he is hired to assist. In addition to his lengthy successful financial career, Martin Lustgarten is also an avid world traveler, accomplished juggler and expert in vintage timepieces.

Kevin Seawright: Helping Communities Prosper Through Business

One often hears experts say that small businesses drive economic growth by creating new jobs. Then why don’t local politicians and business leaders do more to help people open small businesses? Apparently, some do. On February 5, 2016, Dhiren Shah of Local Talk News, a Newark, New Jersey-based website, interviewed Kevin Seawright about helping small businesses get started and once started, grow to the next level.

Mr. Seawright is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (EDC). The non-profit Newark Community EDC, created by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, is dedicated to helping small businesses for the benefit of revitalizing local Newark communities.

Dhiren Shah asked questions that focused on the new corporation, for example, what is its purpose, where the financing comes from, and how those interested in starting a small business can make contact.

Mr. Seawright explained in WorldClassMagazines as well that The Newark Community EDC began in 2015 as a rebranded version of Brick City Development Corp with the number one goal of helping small businesses throughout Newark. People interested in working with the EDC can contact them by phone or walk into their headquarters. Loan specialists will assess their financial situation and help them understand if they are ready to open.

If the aspiring business has a solid plan, the EDC will assist them with execution, funding, and will provide education on running a business. The staff will focus on critical areas like cost management, accounting, taxes, human resources management, and all other aspects of making the endeavor a success. The goal is helping Newark businesses thrive.

So, who is Kevin Seawright? Mr. Seawright has a Master’s in accounting and for a little over a decade he has been focusing his financial knowledge in both the private and public sector to help improve communities. He has shown an incredible aptitude for strategic vision and practical leadership.

The NCEDC website shows Seawright’s past positions include serving as Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, Payroll Director, Finance Director, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Facilities, and Executive Director of Operations. Along the way Kevin has earned a reputation as someone who get results, works well with everyone, and always leaves what he touches better than it was when he found it.

Sam Tabar And His New Major Investment THINX On A Philanthropic Mission

Sam Tabar is a prominent New York-based attorney and capital strategist who has managed to work with and for numerous international organizations. During this time he was able to acquire skills such as the ability to speak French and Japanese in addition to his native English. Apart from languages listed on Sam Tabar was also able to experience how people in different parts if the world lived and which problems faced them. He was also able to familiarize himself with the suffering of the poor in third world countries, this people could not even afford basic commodities in life such as food and proper sanitation.

After quitting his job at Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP, where he was an Associate Attorney, Sam Tabar ventured into entrepreneurship which a philanthropic objective. He made a big investment in THINX, where he now spends most of his time. THINX is a start-up fashion outlet that sales designer women’s underwear in the United States. Currently, this new startup has six trendy women’s underwear products already in the market.

But THINX is not just profit motivated, it has a philanthropic mission behind that attracted Sam Tabar to invest in it. He claims the unique business of the startup and its philanthropic course is what caught his attention. THINX aims to help women and girls in Africa from poor backgrounds and remote regions who can not access sanitary pads during their menses with reusable pads. Lack of sanitary towels is a chronic problem facing African women and girls in remote areas who are forced to miss school and work to stay home during their menses.

THINX plans to raise money to fund its course through the sales of its fashionable and trendy underwear to women in America. Sam Tabar says that this way, every woman in America can be able to help change the life of a fellow woman or girl in Africa.

Before investing in THINX, Sam Tabar has worked for various powerful organizations both in law and business. One of his most influential position during his business career was at Merrill Lynch & Co where he worked as Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. In his law career, he worked as an Associate Attorney for Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. This two firms gave him a rare opportunity to acquire the necessary experience and expertise in hedge fund management and strategy into being one of the best capital strategists in New York.

LinkedIn indicates he acquired his law degrees from Oxford University and Columbia School of Law, where he was one of the best students ever to graduate. Sam Tabar also worked for PMA Investment Advisors LTD, in Hong Kong for some time before leaving the organization. In this firm, he had many achievements including recording the highest value of assets acquired by the organization in the shortest time ever.   Tabar continues his philanthropic work through the GoFund me campaign where he raises money to fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

What you need to know about Highland Capital’s James Dondero

In the quest to offering innovative and successful solutions to the financial challenges of the modern world, Highland Capital under the stewardship of James Dondero has come up with ten specific ventures that have been tailored to offer as much option as possible with the primary objective of fitting to the needs of their clients. Jim identified this as one of the principal reasons that have seen the company create a name for itself as both distinguished and excellent in the industry. Further, the ventures are specific and embrace the emerging challenges in the financial world.

Each of the ventures is split into different portfolios that address a particular issue. This has provided the company with the opportunity to emerge as not only dynamic but also relevant in the modern financial setting. In order to complement the efforts of the ventures, every department is filled with highly skilled staff members with expertise in their field. Jim Dondero has often established a close working relationship between his employees and the top management. The effect of this has been the creation of an outstanding entity that has gained praise from different quarters in the world. The ventures are strategically structured to develop practical solutions to issues under their docket.

However, the success of Highland Capital as a whole and the different ventures can be credited to the visionary and innovative strategies developed by Jim. With a background boasting strong academic success, Jim Dondero progressively moved to establish a unique and accommodative direction to the company. The financial aspects offered by the ventures take into account the emergent challenges and the ever competitive business field. Moreover, the idea of team work has led to the employees working tirelessly for the success of the company. Despite the massive success, Jim has always dedicated himself to improving the environment with the primary objective of ensuring that each employee attains their personal and work objectives.

At the current rate, it is hard not to imagine further success being achieved by James Dondero and Highland Capital. Each of the ventures has received numerous accolades in the industry. This is a further illustration of the excellence that Jim has managed to bring to Highland Capital. The entity can only rise higher in the future.

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Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes Describes Zika Virus

Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has described the zika virus in his personal blog after the outbreak in Brazil. Dr. Cortes hopes that by clarifying the facts and debunking the myths about the Zika virus, citizens will be less fearful, and better able to handle the virus should it reach their locale. Sergio Cortes believes that empowering people with knowledge about the prevention and treatment of Zika can help save lives and avoid unnecessary panic. Dr. Cortes discussed some key issues regarding Zika, which are included below.

Is the Zika Virus Contagious?

Zika is not contagious in the sense that it cannot be spread from an infected individual to another human being. In other words, you cannot contract Zika from someone who has the virus.

A major concern that Dr. Sergio Cortes has highlighted along with other notable professionals, is that mosquitoes, who are the main transmitters of the virus can become infected if they bite individuals infected with the Zika virus. What this means is that a mosquito who does not have Zika can contract it from someone who has the virus by biting them. Later the newly infected mosquito with Zika can infect new people. This is of great concern to health officials around the world.

What are the Symptoms of Zika Virus?

Symptoms of the Zika virus are typically mild says Dr. Sergio Cortes. They often include rashes, fever and muscle aches. Most of the time, the symptoms of Zika subside with a time period of 3 days to a week. The virus is very rarely fatal.

Due to the very general symptoms of Zika such as fever and muscle aches, it is very hard to diagnose someone who has the Zika virus. Currently, only a few facilities in the country have the resources and expertise needed to properly diagnose Zika.

Zika cannot be treated, but as stated previously the disease often subsides on its own and is rarely life threatening. Medications to alleviate pain and symptoms such as fever are given to those infected.

What is the Correlation Between Zika and Microcephaly?

Locations that have had recent outbreaks of the Zika virus in Brazil have had a high incidence of microcephaly, which is a disease that affects the development of the brain in babies. Microcephaly can be fatal and can severely stunt the mental development of babies. Research is currently ongoing about the connection between Zika and diseases such as microcephaly.

Gender Bias in the World of Wikipedia

Gender bias exists and, in fact, has been a part of the traditional American way of life since the Declaration of Independence. Of course, it is wrong, but habits are, extremely, hard to change. In the twenty-first century economic necessity has forced families to abandon the traditional husband/wife work relationship. Women are now not only entering the workforce but in many areas competing with men for top executive positions. While the percentage of women accepted as attorneys and doctors is increasing, it is still far below the world average. 

In an attempt to counterbalance this gender balance, Wikipedia and the University of West Virginia are working together to change the stereotypes in Wiki world, including the authors at Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki editors and writers are creating content for businesses, as well as individuals. Their Wikipedia writers create guaranteed content which is properly formatted and written following the Wikipedia style book. In case of a page being taken down, the staff at Get Your Wiki will refund any deposits. They have done Wikipedia business page creation for non-profits, brands, and public figures. But what is, really, important is the ranking any Get Your Wiki page receives, and the staff at Wikipedia guarantees the ranking as first, second, or third. 

The combined efforts of Wikipedia and the University of West Virginia are undertaken in an effort to enhance the positions of women and especially minority women in the Wikipedia world. An effort beginning in January focused on multiple inclusions of women, in an effort to rectify the male dominance of the Wikipedia world. The university’s efforts were aimed at the inclusion of women from West Virginia.  The long journey of establishing gender equality and a fair representation of women on Wikipedia has taken a giant step thanks to West Virginia University, and even to Wikipedia for offering the grant to fund for this important and necessary research work. These efforts include allowing female writers to make a Wikipedia page about a woman that would have otherwise been created by a man. This helps lessen any gender biases that a man may have towards a woman, whether they are intentional or recognized or not.

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Changing The Phone Service Game With FreedomPop

If you have yet to hear about FreedomPop then this articles comes in good timing. Most phone network services lock you down in a contract after running a credit check to see if you will be able to finance one of their phones. So you are not only paying for your phone bill but paying off the phone itself as well. That is definitely not the case over at FreedomPop.

FreedomPop offers a promotion of free data when you buy one of their phones and they have many budget friendly options available. It is technically a one month free trial and once it is over you can switch your plan at absolutely no cost. You can receive 200MB of data for free or you can pay $10 for 500MB. Either way it is way more cost effective than leading cell phone service providers.

When this Los Angeles based company first started the data coverage was only available on networks in the United Kingdom and United States but since then FreedomPop has come a mighty long way.

They just raised a total of a $109 million to expedite the growth of their data coverage. More countries from Asia, South America, and Europe will be added to the fold so customers will not have to worry about their phone service working while traveling. FreedomPop’s main goal is to provide free internet access around the globe. They see it as a right, not a privilege. Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s COO and co-founder, says that this new financing is most assuredly going to help them reach their goal. They’ll be one of the Top 10 global service providers and all while keeping the customers budget in mind.