Holistic Retirement Wealth Management by Richard Blair

Richard Blair has been helping clients plan for retirement since 1994. Since he comes from a family of educators and is married to an educator, he believes that education lies at the heart of having a successful retirement plan. He says that too often when people seek out the services of an investment consultant, the consultant is only focused on what they can make in commissions off the client. Instead, he helps clients achieve a holistic approach to retirement because retirement looks different for each individual.

Some people choose to spend their retirement traveling to exotic locations like the Arashimaya Bamboo Forest in Japan or Anghor in Cambodia while others are content to putter around in the backyard at their own paid for home. Some willingly cannot picture a day where they will not at least earn a little bit while others choose to willingly never work another day in their lives. Understanding what a person thinks they want to do during retirement is the first important step in holistic retirement planning.

The next step is to consider all the assets that a person has to help fund their retirement. Just a few of the variables that Richard Blair may consider are estate planning, cash flow statements, net worth statements, savings, asset allocation statements, insurance and the amount of social security and pensions the person expects to receive.

Then, Richard takes time to consider how a person’s dream of retirement compares to their projected available wealth. If the person is a few years from retirement, then he identifies opportunities for building wealth by using conservative investment strategies such as 401ks and IRAs. If a person is close to retirement, then Richard can help a person decide when exactly to retire and help them plan for long-term care if needed. Finally, if the person is already in retirement, Richard can help the individual with estate planning.

Regardless of a person’s age, it is important to start planning for retirement with the right wealth manager. Too many managers simply try to sell the products that will make them the most commissions. Instead, sit down with Richard Blair and let him show you the holistic retirement wealth management approach.

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Beautiful Hair With Wen by Chaz

God gave us all a head of hair, but for some reason the gift of gorgeous hair doesn’t stay with everyone. That’s why great hair care products were invented, which is good news for people who have hair that is difficult to style and care for.

People with hair that is oilier than normal and extra fine have a very tough time of it, but the good news came out on Facebook is that there is a hair product line that works well at solving a lot of these hair care issues.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a great hair care product line sold at Sephora Beauty Market and uses natural ingredients to create a shampoo and conditioner (all-in-one) that cleanses the hair and makes it shinier, fuller and easier to style. Chaz developed these innovative products to help everyone who has ever had a “I’m frustrated with my hair” day, and who wants to have great looking and feeling hair on a regular basis.

The WEN by Chaz products smell fantastic and come with a range of ingredients, with names like Cucumber Aloe and Spring Gardenia Green Tea. The Sweet Almond Mint treatment is especially good for fine and oily hair.

These hair treatments show great results within about a week of regular use. So give it a try and see what having healthy, beautiful hair is all about!

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Investment Genius Kyle Bass Is Predicting A Hard Landing For China

Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital Management had a lot to say about China recently. Bass and his Dallas-based hedge fund is betting millions that the Chinese currency is going to depreciate against the dollar, and if Bass is right, he will make millions on that bet. But Bass hasn’t had the best track record recently. The Capital Management hedge fund is not performing up to expectations, and Bass recent predictions haven’t materialized. But he may be right about China. Other major hedge funds are making the same bet against the Chinese yuan, and the Chinese government is not happy about those bets.

China’s economy has hit a wall. The manufacturing sector is in a recession, and it is pulling the rest of the country down with it. China wants to convert to a consumer-driven economy, but the government can’t do it fast enough to prevent a major recession that will send economic shock waves around the world. Bass doesn’t think the United States will feel the impact of the Chinese recession, but economists say he’s wrong. Rather than a 40 to 50 percent chance of a recession hitting the U.S. economy, a 100 percent chance is the forecast that economists are predicting.

China has already sent some countries into recession mode, and the economy in Europe is getting worse every day. Bass thinks Europe will collapse before the United States, and he’s betting that will happen as well. But Bass isn’t the same guy that predicted the 2008 financial meltdown. Kyle made more than $590 million when he bet the market was going to collapse. He enjoyed genius status for that bet, but his genius status has been tarnished ever since then.

When Bass supported General Motors during the airbag and power steering crisis, he did it to protect his huge investment in General Motors, and that turned popular opinion against Bass. When Bass supported Argentina’s president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner when she defaulted on her debts in 2014, investors like Paul Singer who refused to settle with Argentina were outraged by his public comments.

Bass was interviewed by BusinessInsider.com recently, and he said his drug coalition was going to help lower the cost of prescription drugs. But the impetus for that coalition is more about Bass making money shorting drug company stocks than helping people get affordable drugs. Mr. Bass isn’t the investment genius he was eight years ago, but people are still listening to him.  Despite articles like Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler exposing the reality of his life.

George Soros Offers Solution to the Immigrant Crisis in Europe

In a recent article in CNBC on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros, George Soros warned of the possible destruction of the European Union. He felt that the immigrant crisis has reached a tipping point throughout Europe, especially in the border countries of Turkey and Greece. Read the entire article here: Your text to link…

George Soros is a man who knows the immigration problems first-hand; born in Hungary, George Soros’ country was occupied by German forces during the early stages of the Second World War. Then the Russian Communist forces took control of the country from Germany as Allied Forces began to take control of the European theater. George Soros as a boy was fortunate to be able to migrate from Hungary to Great Britain.

Soros knows of Fascist, Communist and Constitutional Monarchist forms of governments. He completed his knowledge of different governments on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 by moving to the United States of America. It was here that he began his investing career, which has lead to his enormous success and the start of his philanthropy.

Before social reforms were implemented in America, England, and Europe, immigrants were looked upon as a necessary ingredient in a country’s economic success. The immigrants would work, happily, at low paying jobs and their efforts would add force to a growing, productive economy. Now social programs benefitting the poor and indigent are strained to the breaking point whenever immigrants flock to a foreign country’s shore.

George Soros’s solution is the influx of the equivalent of $34 billion every year to handle the immigrant crisis. He goes on to say that Europe must use its AAA ratings to borrow sufficient monies to manage the crisis. The additional monies would be used to absorb the immigrants into the European economy.

George Soros also states that the unity of all the countries of the European Union is necessary and voluntary. Without immediate and sufficient aid this crisis could lead to violence and the destabilization of countries in Europe.

Soros formed his Open Society Foundation when he had made his fortune and since its founding, he has written and lectured on economic problems around the globe. His insight and intelligence are needed by the world at this juncture in the immigrant crisis.

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An In-depth Analysis Of White Shark Media Complaints Handling Formula

White Shark Media is one of Americas best online marketing firms targeting middle and lower class businesses. This firm has recorded lots of success both within the country and also beyond the borders with its high-quality products and services. The larger percentage of this firm success originates from its customer’s satisfaction.

This satisfied customers go ahead and recommend this firm to other clients in the market, and the trend goes on and on. On the internet, you will find thousands of testimonies from firms and individuals praising the services they received from this firm. These clients have pointed out White Shark Media as the reason for their success in the market.

These clients say that the services they received from this firm largely helped them expand their market, get new clients which translated to increased profits. Most of this clients went ahead to clarify that they would choose White Shark Media’s online marketing services again and again from their previous experience of their executive and productive services.

But how did White Shark Media (check it out at TOPSEOs profile) as a business entity manage to record such great accomplishments and extensive customer satisfaction? First, you have to realize that this firm majorly operates online and thus mostly interacts with its customers online. This even makes their customer understanding and satisfaction even harder.

Glass Door also says that White Shark Media revealed that its customized complaints handling formula is what has put them in this much-admired position in the business sector. This firm states that their formula for handling their customer’s complaints is highly unique and all-inclusive. This firm in a recent statement stated that it has dedicated much of its time and resources to developing these complaints handling formula which focuses on problem eradication.

That’s Shopify, In their statement, White Shark Media stated that one of the biggest builders of its success is its customer’s complaints. This firm went ahead to stated that it has used these complaints to strengthen the quality of services it provides its customers.

The White Shark Media way of handling complaints is unique in the sense that it is working to provide an extensive solution. This means that that this firm works on its customer’s complaints with a motive of fully providing a solution.

This formula makes sure that the problem causing factors are addressed from the core. Addressing this problems from the core minimizes their chances of reappearing somewhere else in their market. This formula has ensured that White Shark Media clients receive the best services yet from them.

Get full details here: http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

Mr. Sanjay Shah From Solo Capital Explains How To Start A New Business

The Solo Capital business started because Sanjay Shah had no choice, but now he is running one of the best business empires in the world with one of the best charities. He is so adept at doing this work that he wanted to share his wisdom with other people. He talked to a magazine about what it would be like to start a new business, and he had some advice for the people who were reading.

He starts off by telling these people that they need more money than they think to start a business. He knows that these people have a budget, but he is wondering if they know how much extra money they will need. A lot of people lowball this number because they think it will not be that high, but it can be pretty high just to get the business going.

That could take some time, but it is worth the wait if people will just wait for a while. Those same people can start charities to raise money for something that they believe in. That is something that they can do with a small foundation, or they can start something huge like Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah loves music and helping kids, so he put the two together into a charity that is raising millions a year to help kids with autism. He had to use cash to start the charity, and it needs money so that it can put on all its concerts. Everyone who sees the charity do good work does not realize how much money goes into each concert. That also means that these people do not know that every dollar helps. Autism Rocks raises money all over the world to make sure their concerts go well, and they continue to do so so that they can have more concerts. Sanjay Shah wants all his readers to remember how much money it will take to get their big idea going.

Historical Accuracy From Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a man of passion. He has a passion that burns deep within his being to preserve and protect the past for all who come into the future. He has earned the recognition of being the foremost authority on Japanese Samurai Swords. He has been asked to speak as a guest historian for many different groups, including the History Channel.

As a writer he has offered many different works on historically based subjects. Many of his works are still in circulation, and others can be found within the annals of public libraries and private book collections. His written works also include a number of screenplays. His films are well known and are valid historical pieces.

Mr Zomber is a happily married man with two lovely children, as per his bio. His personal belief is that armed conflict for any reason is a futile pursuit that should be avoided at all costs. This is probably why he supports many different charitable programs. Among some of these programs include doctors without borders, UNICEF, and Amnesty International.

Mr. Zomber has offered many different titles to the existing body of knowledge on historical events. His works do not just include books on Japanese history, but also on the rich history and substance of the American Continent. What is unique about Zomber’s works is that they are based on true historical facts and research.

Each piece is based on extensive research about not only the era they take place in, but also about the people that the work centers on. Zomber further goes into depth in explaining and detailing the weapons and things in the person’s life and times.

Zomber has had to work through his fair share of trials also. There was a time when he was implicated in wrong doing surrounding the sale of some antique guns. He was exonerated as the situation was a total miscommunication of the parties involved. Despite these accusations Zomber has continued to do his work and offer more historical insight into the growth and development of America.

Michael Zomber has given great knowledge and insight into the history and fiber of both America and Japan. He has won a number of different honors for his work in both the written and the film formats. His work has truly given all of us a better insight into the world we live in and the world we choose to understand in the future.  There’s a great video where Michael breaks down Bushido, and what it meant to the ancient Samurai.

Watch Us in the Sky

Coriant is a telecommunications firm under the telecom industry. It is held independently and privately. The independence arose from its connection with Nokia Siemens Networks both of which belonged to the mother company called Marlin Equity Partners. It uses borrowed technology from Tellabs, Sycamore Networks and also from Siemens Optical Networks. There has been a lot of merging going on between Coriant and other firms including the aforementioned; Tellabs, Sycamore Networks and with Siemens Optical Networks from which it borrows technology as mentioned earlier on.

Their products include Optical LAN and broadband Access, Packet Optical Transport solutions, Cross Conect and TDM Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, MSPP Solutions, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Intelligent Network Management among many other services that they offer. The firm is selling not only hardware but also software for optical transmissions in the voice, data and mobile networks. All these are mainly commodities hiT 7100 for electrical cross connection of optical paths, hiT 7300 for optical multiplexing DWDM over fibre optic cables and hiT 70xx as well. Transconnect and TNMS are all software products for management and planning.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Coriant, taking over from Pat Dipietro who became vice chairman taking over the role as Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners; the independent equity firm that gave birth to Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir was formally chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks Inc. Prior to joining Coriant as now new boss, he was working closely with the senior management team of the same company in the docket of Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. He is a man of reputation, which precedes his name as well. He has had much recognition in the technology, financial services and the telecom world industries. Kheradpir’s strategic insights and proper guidance on focused operational executions are all phenomenon, something that I would say is rather plausible- worthy of approval and acceptance.

Kheradpir has plenty of industry experience, having worked at GTE, at Verizon Communications and as the chief operations and technology officer at Barclays bank. He is a visionary leader, a sucker for opportunities, an addict addicted to bringing change at work place, for the betterment of not only the firm but also the society, the whole world for that matter.

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An Attorney With A Heart

Organizations that help take care of homeless animals, and also do trap-neuter-release, and otherwise care for pets who have no one else to care for them, are indeed doing very good work. Often times, however, they experience budgetary shortfalls and private citizens are needed to help bridge the gap. New York City attorney Ross Abelow has done just that by setting up a GoFundMe page to raise $5000 to benefit animal shelters in the city. There have been record low temperatures in New York City this year, so the need is that much greater.

Ross Abelow started this campaign to raise funds for medical care, vaccines, blankets, and food for shelters. With the record low temperatures, shelters are packed and they are suffering from a shortage of space, and a shortage of supplies. Without additional funds, shelters must turn animals away, and they are then left out in the cold. Those who care about the welfare of animals can support Mr. Abelow’s efforts by donating at https://www.gofundme.com/ross-abelow-pets.

Mr. Abelow joins the ranks of many in New York City who are great philanthropists when it comes to the welfare of animals. In fact, the Mayor of New York has an Alliance For New York City’s Animals. The Alliance was established in 2003, and has been working to organize care for animals in New York City ever since. Ross Abelow is joining the ranks of so many who are concerned for the welfare of animals at a time when the need could not be greater.

Ross Abelow is an attorney who currently lives and works in New York City. A graduate of New York University, Mr. Abelow is committed to making New York a better place to live. A lifelong resident of this city, he is very familiar with what the needs of the city are. He is also a graduate of Brooklyn College of Law. Currently he specializes in matrimonial, commercial, family and litigation law. He has been licensed to practice law in New York City for over 20 years.

A longtime proponent of animal welfare, Ricky Gervais once said something to the effect of “in the end we will be judged by how we treated our animals.” If this is true, Ross Abelow is in good stead.

Brad Reifler Is Flipping The Coin On Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin the universal coin of the future or virtually no cents? Brad Reifler founder of Forefront Management Group is one to condemn on the controversy of digital money. He says Bitcoin is bite size value and short on coverage. Brad Reifler is the common-man’s voice when it comes to understanding the complexities of e-commerce coinage. As the guru of investment banking and wealth management, he knows his stuff. As a highly sought after investment adviser by numerous fortune 500 companies, his astute knowledge is venerable. Nevertheless, even though he has a history with the giants of international business; he is humble. Similarly to his credit, his starter companies like Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Corporation are success stories. Yet, he focuses on the middle-class. His recommendations are accepted by trendy tycoons and plain average Joes.

Bitcoin is a virtual coin used for internet transactions. So the question was queried to the magnate, did he think Bitcoin is a heads-up safe bet or no, a bottomless pit? Of course, he answered in the negative. The response was a resounding heads-down according to Brad Reifler. His advice is, money as e-commerce commodities is prey to several liabilities, so it is better to avoid the temptation. He cautions Bitcoin is too risky, not regulated, and privately owned. Bitcoin’s overall feasibility as an exchange commodity is not fully developed within the volatile global market. Moreover, far reaching legal ramifications are still comprehensible looming. In addition, the coinage company is not open to public scrutiny. As the principal of the renounced Forefront Capital Markets, Brad Reifler watches global institutions and distribution.

Brad Reifler talks to laypeople and give his strategies, opting to encourage more people into investment opportunities. He calls that group the ninety-nine per-centers. The ninety-nine per-centers are individuals that have financial holding below one-million dollars.

Brad Reifler advocates an understandable and dedicated approach to investing. Accepting the risks involved, probable outcomes, and expected returns Brad Reifler advises not to place all your money in the stock market. Brad Reifler developed a successful plan for investing that is understood by the ninety-nine per-centers. In conclusion, the coin toss between heads (up or down) on Bitcoin accordingly is B for bottom’s down.  Brad’s Wikipedia shines a light on what else the investor has done for the industry.