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New York has a lot of housing — and location is a lot more of a big deal than your average job would understand at first glance. There are a lot of places to live, some good, some bad, some great.. it just depends on how far you are willing to look. The thing is, if you haven’t lived here for awhile, you’re probably not familiar with anything to do with one of the most iconic hubs in the world. TOWN Residential can make it easy on you, with decades of city-bred experience across the board at our disposal! No matter what type of property you are looking for, it shouldn’t be difficult on you to make the choice. Moving in to a new area should be a reassuring and enriching experience, after all!


If you are looking for property in New York City, you want to be IN the city but not ‘in the city’, just as a broad example. It sounds silly at first, but with the area being one of the economical and business centerpieces for the United States, you can expect that it also comes with a lot of people — and thus a lot of activity! Certain areas are noisier than others, and knowing which to check out and which not to pay attention to will definitely cut your search time down by a lot.


TOWN Residential has been finding real estate all over New York for years, with a plethora of new happy home owners across the board. New York can even be a difficult place to serve real estate at from time to time, because pricing is steep due to location being prime. To be able to have an agency with experience on your side is invaluable when finding your New York dream, and that’s what the agents at Town Real Estate are best at!


Talk to the experts today and let them do all the work. Just like you shouldn’t fix your own plumbing, you shouldn’t try to navigate such a complex yet rewarding city alone. There are a number of things that effect real estate value on a daily basis. You can only know you’re getting the best value when you have someone is trained to know value fighting for the roof over your heard! Call Town Real Estate and start making your dream a reality in the State of Opportunity today!


Transparency Will Prevent New Zealand From Ever Becoming A Tax Haven

The OECD maintains a list of tax havens throughout the world and New Zealand does not qualify. The island nation does not qualify for a tax haven because it maintains The OECD standard for tax transparency. In fact, according to Geoff Cone, New Zealand was one of the first countries to achieve the transparency standard.

The transparency standard is a pact that New Zealand keeps to communicate with foreign governments for the purpose of enforcing local tax laws. This does not allow someone setting up a trust in New Zealand to avoid the taxes of their home country. According to Geoff Cone, foreigners like the transparency standard. They believe that New Zealand’s banking and economy are trustworthy, making New Zealand an ideal place to keep a trust.

In fact, New Zealand’s trust process is tailored for foreign governments. Every step of the trust process is done in such a way that an investigating foreign government can easily trace the steps. The transparency protocol was even strengthen in 2006.

Now, anyone setting up a foreign trust in New Zealand must fill out a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) for the IRD. Plus, the IRD forces anyone setting up a foreign trust to keep other records in English for the purposes of New Zealand taxation. And these records will be shared with foreign governments in order to enforce those tax laws as well.

The assertion that New Zealand is a tax haven via trust law for wealthy foreigners is absurd, according to Geoff Cone. Cone has spent an entire life in New Zealand tax law, operating the only law firm exclusive to trusts and taxes in Auckland.

Geoff Cone graduated from the University of Otago. He then moved to Auckland to work tax law where he gain a reputation for high performance. Catching the eye of a law firm in Christchurch, he moved to the south island to become a partner. For two years, he spent time in the British West Indies as a litigator before returning home to Auckland yet again to run his own firm.

Cone is convinced, through years of experience with foreign trusts, that New Zealand will never be a tax haven. Transparency is only a part of the reason that cites. He also points to the country’s tax system and it’s strong banking regulation.

In order to be listed as a tax haven, the country needs to be rife with a shadow banking industry. These shadow banks operate under the radar because the countries they operate in have very poor oversight and regulation. Not so in New Zealand, says Cone. The tax lawyer says that New Zealand is the exact opposite, attracting foreign trusts with a solid, transparent banking industry.

Wessex Institute and Their History

Transferring knowledge, especially between the academic sphere and industry, is a vital task in today’s economy.Knowledge diffusion fuels innovation and technical progress, and it is the reason Professor Charles Brebbia founded Wessex Institute of Technology in 1986. The Institute is located in the New Forest National Park at Ashurst Lodge in England, but it conducts activities around the world.

Over the years, Wessex Institute has built a prestigious reputation for helping academics and business people network and exchange ideas and information. The Institute uses several strategies to achieve its goals. First, Wessex sponsors an annual international conference series. It also offers programs for graduate study for advanced students. Finally, the organization provides extensive publishing and software service resources.

Wessex is the successor to an earlier organization founded in 1981, the Computational Mechanic’s Institute.

Check out Wessex’s Wikipedia page for more information about courses and their history.

Don Ressler of Fabletics

For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off



It is not everyday you meet a founder and CEO like Don Ressler. Ressler is truly a work of fine business craft and intelligence. He knows how to build companies from scratch, has the vision to identify holes in the market, and the know-how of getting investors to invest their hard earned money for a big return. Best of all, his products and companies really do help people.

But it didn’t always start out that way. Ressler had to work his tail off in order to achieve the kind of success he wanted to see. Ressler was building his first business called and decided to sell it to Intermix. That brought him to the role of CEO there, where he also met Adam Goldenberg. They created a company together called Alena Media that they were able to turn around and sell to a bigger company for millions of dollars. However, they realized that News Corp did not value their company enough even though it was producing all of the profit for them. And Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to leave to start their own business again. This turned into something called Brand Ideas, which later became Intelligent Beauty.

The idea came into being when the group got together at the living room of Goldenberg’s house. They spent two long weeks brainstorming and working hard to uncover a great idea on . They realized they could really launch into the performance marketing arena and build multiple brands. DERMASTORE was one of these.

This is a e-commerce marketplace that focuses on cosmetics and skincare. They also have something called SENSA which enables people to lose weight. It is a large market, they say, and that it is profitable. And it makes sense, considering the fact they have a market capitalization that they increased to $250 million.

Fabletics and JustFab are also other lines Ressler and Goldenberg have created. It seems the companies are continuing their success. And it makes sense that hard work pays off.

When it comes to entrepreneur Don Ressler, there are many things you could say. You could talk about his hard work ethic. You could mention his genius vision with markets. You can bring up the fact that he knows how to woo investors and come up with the capital necessary to keep his businesses going. Or you can simply say that he is a man who is an excellent founder and CEO and helps people with his amazing products, which is clear.

See Don Ressler on

All You Need to Know About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf serves as the president of a company known as Eucatex. He has been serving the institution for more than three decades, and he has brought a lot of changes. Apart from being the president of the successful company, Flavio Maluf is a respected mechanical engineer, business person, and lawyer. Together with his family, Flavio owns the Eucatex. Flavio went for his education at FAAP in San Paulo. He, later on, decided to go to the New York University where he studied administration. Today, he also works as the CEO of the Grand Food Group.

After completing his studies abroad, Flavio Maluf started working for the Eucatex Group. He was first appointed to work in the trading department of the institution. In the year 1996, he moved to the industrial department of the company. After working in this office for several months, he was appointed to join the executive team in Eucatex. His contributions to the company are respected by many. He is known to be the leader of modernization in the enterprise.

Eucatex started many years ago as a family business. The company is recognized to be the first institution in Brazil that specializes in environmental issues. When it was founded in 1951, it started making tiles and beautiful panels using eucalyptus. The company has been very successful over the years, and it now provides consumers with furniture and construction products.

Eucatex is also involved in forestry and leasing activities, and this explains why it has been so successful. The company has also proven to be very beneficial to the organizations and groups it has managed to partner with. One of the departments of this company, known as Environmental Education Program, has been very helpful to students, collaborators and other groups that are focused on conserving the forests.

Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex has done very well, and it has managed to export most its products to the rest of the world. The exports from the institution have earned it over ten million dollars. Flavio Maluf has a lot of experience in leadership, and this explains why the company has done so well.

ICTA Appoint A new Chairperson

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest distributors of U.S. Government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins.

According to US Money Reserve, Its headquarters are in Austin, Texas. According to, the U.S. Money Reserve is trusted by hundreds of thousands of its clients and was “AAA” rated by the Business Consumer Alliance.

Phil Diehl, President of the U.S. Money Reserve, was named the new Chairperson of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). He was given this position at the association’s Board of Directors meeting last week. Phil had previously worked as the Vice Chairperson of the ICTA Board of Directors before being named the Chairman.

The primary responsibility of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets is to act as the supervisor for rare coins, paper money, and precious metals bullion. They are the ones who ensure a favorable regulatory climate is achieved in all 50 states.

ICTA also provides a medium through which its members can consult, confer and cooperate with and also educate the government and other agencies to achieve solutions to problems affecting their businesses.

Phil was at the forefront of ICTA’s most ambitious legislative effort. The project involved amending the 2013 Minnesota statute. The law had imposed an unreasonable burden on numismatic and bullion dealers and customers.

He used his experience as a former state regulator to design and execute ICTA’s legislative and communications strategies. His efforts proved to be successful when the Minnesota legislature passed the bill.

The main objectives of Phil are to increase the value of ICTA to its members, growing the financial resources, and increasing ICTA’s membership.

He will also aim at improving cooperation among major industry organizations. In his maiden speech, Phil said that he was honored to serve ICTA as its Chairperson.

He continued by saying that he was delighted by the organization’s strategic initiatives and opportunities that are aimed at moving ICTA forward as the pioneer in their industry.

Phil is considered to be a credible and a trustworthy source for the precious metal market. He was one of the most successful Directors of U.S. Mint in its history. His new role as the President of the U.S Money Reserve, will put a focus on what he is expected to achieve. There are no doubts that he is going to be successful as he has been before.

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