Troy McQuagge: Gold Recipient of CEO of the Year

Troy McQuagge was recently recognized at the One Planet Awards winner for his efforts and achievements as the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. The One Planet annual awards recognize and honor individuals who demonstrate exceptional excellence in their various professions. As a global program, One Planet Award recognizes leaders in any industry across the globe, who make a significant impact in the society.


Since joining the USHEALTH Group in 2010, Troy McQuagge has strived to ensure the company delivers on its values and objectives. USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based Health insurance company that aims to provide affordable tailor-made health insurance cover. His initial task at the company was to remodel the company’s distribution agency; The Advisor. Troy McQuagge, worked with other leaders to create and implement customer-based strategies and solutions.

Troy McQuagge ensured that all aspects of the distribution agency catered satisfactorily to each customer’s needs. Troy was elected CEO and president of the company in 2014, following his brilliant performance. Under his leadership, the firm has experienced exponential growth and is recognized as a leader in the competitive health insurance industry.

Upon receiving the Gold award, Troy McQuagge expressed his immense appreciation to the organization as well as his peers in the industry. He noted that the award was in honor of all the employees of USHEALTH Group for their continued commitment and support in helping others.

One Planet Awards

One planet Awards highlight business excellence in companies and organizations across the globe. The award aims to honor hard work and exceptional performance of firms in various industries. One Planet Awards are divided into categories which include, PR, marketing, Corporates, executives, and teams.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies. His early career was centered on health insurance where he largely dealt with insurance sales. His vast experience in the health insurance industry saw him join the USHEALTH Group in 2010. Troy McQuagge, success in implementing innovative and customer-based solutions in the company, got him a promotion to CEO and president of the company. He is responsible for USHEALTH Group rapid growth and success in the health insurance industry.


The Career Of Whitney Wolfe

Normally, most college graduates are still looking for internships or struggling to find an entry level position. However, Whitney Wolfe has separated herself from other Millennials. Still in her 20s, Whitney Wolfe has managed to make a name for herself as the CEO of Bumble. Using her experience working for Hatch Labs, the creators of Tinder, Wolfe has created a dating app with an entirely new focus. The key feature of Bumble, women making the first move, has set a new standard for online dating.

Setting Out On Her Own

The decision to start your own company is always a dangerous one, but this is exactly what Whitney Wolfe has done with Bumble. There are plenty of people who have said the online dating world is in need of change. There are simply far too many examples of sexual harassment and yet nobody has done anything about it. As a victim of sexual harassment herself, Wolfe has made sure that Bumble is completely free of this. Given that there were fewer than 105 cases of sexual harassment reported on Bumble in 2015 it seems as if she was successful.

Where Whitney Wolfe Is Today

Whitney Wolfe continues to amaze people as the CEO of Bumble. The app is already used by millions of people and there are hundreds of millions of matches. However, what really separates this app from countless others is the dedication to making this app about something more than profits. She has a specific interest in making the world around her a better place. For this reason Whitney Wolfe has created Bumble. The internet can bring out the worst in us, but things can change if we try to change them. This is just one step towards making things better.

The Top Secret Of A Billionaire About Making Investments Worth Huge Returns

Not many people that start climbing the ladder to entrepreneurship get to the top. Data shows that more than half of the SMEs that are opened every year fall apart before they celebrate a year of being in business.

However, there are still those that beat the odds and get to the top of the investment ladder. One investor who has made it to the top of the ladder in investing is Tim Armour. Through this company, Capital Research Management, he has managed to gather the tricks, information and knowledge needed to be an excellent advisor on business matters.

Tim graduated from the Middlebury College. He studied economics and after graduating, he joined the Capital Research Management Company. The number of years that he has been with the company, and the types of experiences that he has been through with them, have helped him understand and appreciate different client situations and needs. It is these experiences that have helped him when it comes to giving his clients guidance on the investment choices that will work well for them and those that might not be effective.

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The company that he manages has more than a billion dollars in assets worth. There was a time when the company was going through a very rough time, especially after the demise of the previous chairman, who Tim worked under at some point. Some other complaints that had been made about the company at this time were that the company kept all their business dealings too private. Since his appointment to the top post, he has been working to make sure that the reputation of the company has been changed. He started off by making sure that some of the business engagements were being carried out in an open forum. When he is not busy at work, he likes to stay at home and relax with his family.

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Roberto Santiago Offers a World Class Mall Experience In João Pessoa

Roberto Santiago, the Brazilian entrepreneur, offers a world-class mall experience to the people and tourists of João Pessoa, the capital of the state Paraíba. His Manaira Shopping, one of the largest malls in Brazil is attracting both youth and families alike with the fun and entertainment services it offers. Over the years, the mall has grown as a major landmark in the city, especially for shopping exclusive brands. Originally it was inaugurated in 1989 but has gone through at least five major expansion considering the requirement of additional spaces to accommodate the growing population and to provide space for diverse brands and entertainment options.

Roberto Santiago inaugurated another shopping mall in the city called Mangabeira Shopping, and he is very enthusiastic to provide the city’s best shopping experience mixed with fun and entertainment to its people. The Manaíra Shopping is built in between the center of the city and the beaches of the northeast of the city. It is built over 75,000 sq.m. and accommodates 280 stores. Interestingly, the shops offer everything for the shopping needs of a family, and hence it attracts a large number of families to spend their weekends there.

Santiago has used the contemporary style of architecture to design the shopping mall as it offers spacious stores, recreation areas, food courts, etc., making it a hotspot in the city. It additionally has 11 movie halls with VIP rooms, stadium system, and 3D system. It also offers electronic gaming machines, bowling options, ballroom, gym, a special children playground called Pirlimpimpim, etc. The electronic gaming machines are offering more than 200 different style games that can be fit to any ages. The retail stores in the mall include various jewelry, fashion, electronics, optical showrooms, lifestyle, music, supermarkets, etc. The mall also homes various services from banking to attorney as major banks and reputed attorneys have branches or offices in the mall.

Altogether, the mall is considered to be an important landmark in the social life of the people of João Pessoa. Santiago proves that he is a visionary in finding the need of the city more than three decades ago and renovating according to the changing requirements of it. He tries to house all the fun and entertainment options in the mall as he believes that people should have the option to explore through the adventures he offers. He is also open to all the options and services that can make the mall an ideal place of families and youngsters. Read more articles on