The Aerodynamics of Whitney Wolfe

Bumble has reached a new level, by opening up a real place where active users can communicate with each other. In addition, the fashion style institution will let people “from the outside” who are aimed at expanding their social circle or just looking for a date for the evening. The new bar was called The Hive. In fact, the institution turned out quite bright and comfortable dating app, with great potential. It’s not so much a bar for dating as it is a place where you can communicate with really interesting people and get out of your comfort zone.

But the story of Bumble wasn’t always honey sweet. The conception of Wolfe’s brand actually began with an unpleasant event. Then, Whitney Wolfe , was solely known as a co-founder of the popular dating service, Tinder. She left Tinder after having sued her former work associate, also a co founder  popular app. She accused him of sexual harassment at the work place. That was when Wolf left Tinder with the idea of creating a new, more secure dating app.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble disproves the stereotype that a man should always take the first step. Here the initiative of communication is in the hands of the girl. The project also allows you to get rid of unwanted and intrusive communication with young people in the network. Wolf began to think About the new idea of a startup social network for young girls, focused on positivity. That’s when Andrew Andreev contacted Badoo. The two guys met around August 2014, and realizing that both had the same vision of where online dating could go further, a partnership was formed. Wolfe then began to assemble the team, including convincing two other former employees of Tinder, Sarah Meek (formerly vice president of design at Tinder) and Chris Gulchinsky (co-founder / CCO in Tinder) to become a consultant.

Andreev, the Russian founder of the European dating anomaly Badoo, is an investor in the dating site for women, Bumble. However, now previously unreported information about the partnership of Whitney Wolfe and Andrew Andreev, including that Andreev invested through Badoo Trading Ltd, the UK-registered operator Badoo, and that the multi-billion dollar company is in fact the owner of the majority of Bumble, has become accessible. Badoo currently has a whopping 79 percent stake in Bumble, which makes Andreev the majority owner. As expected, in the second place is the founder of Bumble herself, Whitney Wolfe with a share of 20%. Employees of ex-Tinder, Mick and Gulchinsky, make up the remaining 1%.

A View On Equality

A Single Soul But An Open Society

Not everyone truly understands what it means to have an open society. The fact is we don’t necessarily live in one at the moment. The phrase should convict anyone who reads it, yet we’re not adverse in its terminology. It’s for good reason too. The common person is far removed from this level of education, and it may be a grand problem for society in whole. The fact is the exact quality of life that many people and citizens do seek is the exact quality we collectively don’t understand how to put together. And this may be due to the fact that an open society is something that should already exist. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Yet its men like George Soros who alone fights for the ideals of equality and it being the standard for the world we live in. So much so that when men like George Soros proclaims it, we’re still in a stand still. The media covers stories about Soros giving large sums and for various causes, but we rarely come to see George being presented for “openness.” We’re still often stalled even when the context of an open society would be clear from the situation it resides in. But, this is not the case. Therefore we must discover it to fully understand its implements in society.

What Does An Open Society Actually Mean?

To simply put it, an open society is one that tolerates the views, beliefs and practices of others. This is strange because it implies that we need a different term for the actual reality of equality. Yet it’s not complicated in real application. The only complication is that a world of people with different views and ideas find it hard to cohabit. Instead, most political, social and economic issues revolve around the fact that we don’t agree or respect what others believe.

It’s this dynamic that organizations like the Open Society Foundation tackles and for good reasons. Where humanity today is a great example of how far the humankind has come. But, there is still a lot more work to do. Until that work is done, open society theories must prevail. It so happens that society’s only hindrance is the respect we have for others. Visit his site to know more at

Where Does This Idea Come From

The idea of an open society came from many philosophers and political influencers. The meaning itself comes from real life. In real life and right this moment, people are funding in your court system. The underlining truth is that we have little tolerance for each other. This is the tolerance men like George Soros learned while growing up. He had to.

Being forced out of his own country because of Nazi occupation led Mr. Soros to both experience the need for tolerance and the need to give it.

How Can It Be Implemented Effectively

What the work of George Soros has accomplished in society goes beyond the act of giving. He has also dedicated himself to changing society and enabling people to be more tolerant to others. And here, we often find and identify the true name that Mr. Soros is known for.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Defenders of Migrant Rights

In the recent past, the number of migrants moving across borders to different nations, both legal and illegal to seek better lives have been soaring high.

In many cases, the migrants are mistreated by the residents in the nations they have moved to. Some laws in a few countries also don’t favor the migrants who in many cases have to bear with the unfair laws in their daily activities.

But some groups of people have come out to recognize that migrants also deserve to be treated equally like other people. These groups of activists recognize that migrants should be helped in leading better lives.

After all, that is the reason why they migrated. People have come together and formed different organizations (NGO’s) aimed at advocating and defending immigrant rights. On the other hand, some have been formed to fund and sponsor these NGOs.

Founded in 1986, the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has grown rapidly across different migrant and refugee societies across the world. It is committed to fighting and advocating for immigrant and refugee human rights and seeks to help immigrants live in peace, good health, and have access to food. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The movement fights for them regardless of whether they are in the country legally or illegally. This organization has created alliances with different human right defending groups such as women rights defenders, climate change activists, environmental groups, and many others to be able to reach out to every sector to defend immigrant rights.

The immigrants in the US are uncertain about how their lives are going to be in the coming future. This is after the election of Donald Trump who has a strong belief that the migrants in the USA whether legal or illegal should be deported back to their countries. It is for this reason that the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is planning on sending an open letter to President Trump seeking to loosen his stand on deporting the migrants.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one such organization that is keen to sponsor the NGO’s fighting for the rights of the migrants. It was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists who were arrested illegally by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after the two revealed about a case in which the Sheriff was seeking articles written by the two reporters about him.

After the arrest and successfully defending themselves, they went ahead and sued the county sheriff and were awarded a $3.75 million on the settlement.

The two reporters decided to use the settlement money to fund various migrant rights advocate groups across Arizona. Over 20 groups that not only advocate for migrant rights but also fight for human and civil rights benefited from the funds.

They also considered groups that focus on defending the freedom of speech and civic involvement of people including those near the Mexican border. American Immigration Council, Arizona Justice Project, and The Colibrí Center for Human Rights are some of the organizations that have benefited from the fund.

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Photographic African Safari

Today’s travelers are less about hunting and more about shooting wildlife on their cameras. Eco-tourism and preservation of wildlife habitats are making great strides in providing visitors a way to enjoy natural beauty while also actively preserving the land and wildlife habitats. Preservation and eco-tourism have become increasingly important as the modern world continues to expand and encompass more and more land. The preservation of wildlife habitats is key to many preservation efforts, and eco-tourism aims to protect the natural surroundings while providing a sustainable and educational experience for guests. World travelers are now more aware than ever of their impact upon the fragile landscapes that are most desirable to visit.


Photographic safaris provide a breathtaking experience while also educating its participants about the observed wildlife and their fragile habitats. Photography is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with wildlife and their environs, especially in the African bush country. Safaris have a sense of mystique surrounding them and call to mind romantic images from the time of Hemingway. Many people name African safaris as one of their most desired trips but are hesitant to actually hunt wild animals. By opting for a photographic safari travelers are able to experience the African bush in a sustainable and more eco-friendly manner.


In this vein, WildArk has created a hospitality business based upon the tenets of preservation and eco-friendly tourism. Their firm provides tourist opportunities in some of the world’s most beautiful and fragile environments. Their business model provides guided tours in the African bush as well as photographic safaris that allow participants to experience a breathtaking experience that is filled with natural wonder.


WildArk is a preservation and eco-tourism endeavor that works to protect fragile landscapes and maintain pristine wilderness the world over. Based in South Africa, this company also provides top-rate travel opportunities in wilderness areas. Their South African photography courses teach their guests many helpful hints on how to effectively and beautifully photograph wild creatures in their natural habitat. The lucky participants will likely come away with some great pics and a deepened respect for our natural world.


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Julia Jackson: An Amazing Woman

There are many interesting facts to know about Julia Jackson. Julia is the youngest daughter of wine legend Jess Jackson and grew up in the wine business. She received her Bachelor of Arts/Studio Arts from Scripps College and her General Management Certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Not only is she the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines but she also works with the community. She plays a big part in an organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This nonprofit organization celebrates women who have overcome hardships in their lives and they are inspiring other people in their communities to be strong and overcome their hardships too. The organization donates $100,000 in cash grants to other nonprofit organizations that have the same values of equality, community, and spirit. While Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Julia believes that it’s the best place to get Cabranet. The Jackson family produces many brands with their company. They produce wines in North America, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, and South Africa. Just a few of the brands they produce are: Alcance, Byron, and Capensis.

Not only are the Jackson family passionate about wine and wine making but they are passionate about their community and helping people. They are all around a great company and the entire family is great as well!

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