Gregory Aziz’s Success with National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. Other than that, he is also the serving as the chief executive officer of National Steel Car Limited. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is currently the most popular and largest railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company. The company has had over 100 years of success in engineering and manufacturing being dynamic, innovative, diverse and value-driven among other outstanding qualities.

Mr. Greg Aziz was born and raised in London. In his college period, he went to Ridley College, and after this, he was fortunate enough to attend The University of Western Ontario. At the university, he specialized in economics. Aziz’s business skills manifested themselves when he first joined his family business in 1971. The business was involved in the food industry where they supplied food to retailers in wholesale. With his skills in business, Greg Aziz was able to convert the business into a worldwide importer of fresh foods from various countries. His impact on the family business was evidently seen as it grew significantly distributing fresh food at wholesale prices in across Canada and America.


James Aziz had a clear vision of making big business strides and in the late 1980s, after he had worked in banking related jobs in New York; he was successfully able to purchase the National Steel car from Dofasco in 1994. He had a personal aim of converting this company from Canada into an American best railroad freight car manufacturer. This was most definitely achieved in a short time as the company recorded improvements the engineering capabilities, capital and human investments and not to mention the immense team-building. By this growth, National Steel Car was able to expand its manufacturing capability from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars per year by 1999. Employment also increased from estimated 600 to approximately 3,000.

To show its commitment towards improving the community, Greg Aziz has ensured that National Steel car plays a key role contributed to the society. For instance, the company has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius just to mention but a few. Today the National Steel Car is accredited ISO 9001:2008. Under the undeniably capable leadership of Greg, the company has also received consistent honor with TTX SECO since 1996. Personally, Greg and his wife, Irene, have contributed to the society by sponsoring the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is Canada’s most executive agricultural fair.


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The American Institute of Architects, and its Histories

     The broad recognition of the American Institute of Architects is about its being in the category of the key organizations comprising of licensed architects. Its employee population exceeds two hundred. In addition to its provision of information, education, community renovation, backing together with public outreach, it additionally enhances the improvement of the public image. The common goal is none other than aiding and improving advances within the architectural profession. With its base situated in Washington, D.C. in the United States, its establishment was executed in the year 1857. As at now, the members of the group exceeds ninety thousand individuals.

It is through the provision of educational experiences that the company enhances the attainment of the company goals. Additionally, a lot of ease is associated with the ability of associates concerning learning from far as well as being up to the demands of the American license without many difficulties. As well, it keeps the firm’s levels alongside contract documents. This is about the designs together with contracts dominating the sector at any point in time. Such records are significant in the clearance of communication regarding specific projects through which client who are a well-bred search for blame. The institutions, as well, render the online resources associated with the increase in the number of professionals in the architectural sector. Such includes the deregulated transcripts as well as updating the participants of the AIA. There are various determinants of business, presents’ awards, the outstanding career attainments as well as host conferences.

As at now, Robert Ivy is the individual at the company’s managerial responsibility of the CEO. He also serves as the vice president of the president being Thomas Vonier.  AIA is currently under the mission of the substantial challenges through which architecture can potentially execute an incredible transformation. In September, the firm made a revelation of its ten years characterized by the devotion to the development of remedies as well as initiatives whose target is in line with the well-being of the society, the adaptability to the natural disasters primarily within the areas of residence. As a way of making it useful, AIA already acquired substantial support for research through the issuance of university donations, the societal devising as well as the digital initiatives.

Initially, he had experience acquired from the occupation of the vice presidential post as well as the editorial directorship at the construction firm, McGraw-Hill. This adds up to his service as the Architectural records’ principal editor. Additionally, he is a broadly known spokesperson within the profession.

Gregory Aziz Steers the Canadian Manufacturer National Steel Car to Dizzying Heights

National Steel Car celebrated their centenary anniversary in June 2012. The engineering and manufacturing firm has withstood the tests of time to become the undisputed number one railroad freight car maker in the whole of North America. The production line has continued to churn out superior quality products in the midst of global debacles like the World Wars and the Great Depression.


Imperial Car Company


In 1912, the company went by the name Imperial Car Company. Barely a month after launching, the founders of Imperial Car Company, led by the then Governor of Ontario, Sir John Gibson renamed the company to National Steel Car.



Services and Products


The firm’s impeccable reputation grew quickly thanks to the sheer innovation that went into the production of the rail cars. The owners pulled all stops to make sure that they only hired and retained the best engineers, customer care representatives and other core staff at the manufacturing firm. The proficient staff devised a plethora of measures to curb the manufacturing inefficiencies that were rampant in the other competing firms. Once the company streamlined their manufacturing processes, profits started trickling in and, they haven’t abated since.




National Steel Car operates with a vision, commitment, and passion to produce nothing short of the best freight rail cars on the continent


Milestone Achievements


In the over 100 years, NSC has enjoyed a huge monopoly on the Canadian rail cars manufacturing scene. No wonder, it has scooped the prestigious Rolling Stock manufacturing awards for three times. It’s no surprise that the firm is today, the only railcar engineering company with an ISO: 9001 2008 certification. Additionally, the establishment has won the highly coveted TTX SECO awards more times than any other registered railcar company in the world.


The leading Canadian manufacturer changed ownership in 1962 when it was acquired by Dofasco. Dofasco had a tough time running the firm. In 1994, Dofasco gladly sold the company to Greg Aziz of National Industries. View More Information Here.



Enter Greg Aziz


By the year 2000, Greg Aziz had transformed NSC into a global manufacturing powerhouse. Under James Aziz, the firm diversified its portfolio by adding extra services and products. Aziz also embarked on an ambitious hiring spree that saw the company’s staff grow from a modest 500 to over 3,000 employees.


Thanks to the sharp business intuition of Gregory J. Aziz, NSC upped its production levels from a measly 3,500 to 12,500 quality rail cars per annum. Greg J. Aziz serves as both the firm’s President and CEO.

How Fabletics Strives to Ensure that Products are Up-to-date in the Fashion Industry.

Fabletics is a clothing industry located in the United States, which primarily deals with the production of outfits for athletes. The company has grown over the years under the stewardship of Gregg Throgmartin who acts as president. Since its establishment four years ago, the firm has always strived to ensure that athletes are well-groomed with costumes that suit them. Its resilience toward success has attracted over one million clients across the universe. Fabletics is well-known for its stylish work gears, by several celebrities and personalities in the United States including Demi Lovato.


The athleisure fashion brand is under a partnership of Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. It was an initial idea of Hudson, which later led to incorporation with Techstyle Fashion Group in 2013. The company was brought in to provide funding to Fabletics as well as its workforce since it had been in the fashion industry for several decades. Alongside being a co-founder of the athleisure brand, Kate Hudson oversees all business transactions conducted by the firm. She is always at the forefront of ensuring the success of the company, by incorporating her knowledge and skills in design, sales and marketing, and accounting. Kate makes sure that needs of clients are met, through maintaining stock levels within various stores owned by the athleisure brand.


Workers of Fabletics use previous sales data to design fresh products that trend in the market. The rapid growth of the company through its commitment to quality saw it being awarded a top rating from the Better Business Bureau. The authenticity of products produced by the company enables its employees to wear Fabletics outfits while exercising. The company employees are comprised of Facebook experts, designers and sales and marketing professionals. The corporation is set aside for producing quality reasonably priced work out gears, which is half the price compared to other brands. The firm uses social media platforms to advertise their commodities.


Fabletics boast of being the only company in the fashion industry that has the highest number of dealers across the globe. By last year, it had recorded an increase of 600 percent of its merchandisers as well as an increase of its value to over two hundred and fifty million dollars. The company uses reverse showrooming strategy, which allows people to view products with the aim of buying from other brands. This policy enables Fabletics to market products to clients who visit their stores, which in turn would allow employees to know various trends in the market.