Stream Energy: A Trusted Energy Partner

In September of last year, Stream Energy was named one of the top ten most Trusted Energy Partners in Texas according to research released by Market Strategies International in their Cogent Reports 2017 Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust study. The study contacted almost six thousand customers, asking them to score over fifty Retail Energy Providers on nine factors which included things like customer support, community support, and even environmental dedication. It also asked about their local reputation and pricing. Get details on Stream Energy at

The study also found that community-based activities greatly impact brand trust. Stream Energy has always been a community-focused company, and was highly responsive in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, so this finding confirms the company’s strategy.

Stream Energy was founded in 2004 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, and has worked hard to reach it’s current position as a well-respected Retail Energy Provider. Using an innovative marketing style, associates are able to join the company and sell to customers directly themselves, expanding the customer base through word of mouth and community connections instead of more traditional press campaigns.


Stream Energy is notable for it’s usage of green energy, and it is noted as part of it’s success. While the coal market has faltered, and many Retail Energy Providers that rely on coal have suffered, Stream Energy has offered a variety of green energy services since it’s beginning. It uses natural gas as one of it’s sources, allowing it to keep product costs low. Customers can also buy into services to ensure their energy comes partly or fully from green sources. Not only does this usage of green energy save Stream Energy money and set them apart from their competitors, but it shows their community focus, as clean energy benefits communities by reducing environmental damage and pollution.

While Stream Energy started in Texas in 2004, it has steadily expanded into other energy markets and began to offer other services. The company has expanded to sell energy in the Northeast and offers it’s other services in far more markets. These other services include Stream Protective Services and Stream Wireless. Learn more about Stream Energy at GCReport.

Having The Right Mindset For Investing As Explained By Igor Cornelsen

If you’ve really not invested seriously before, knowing where to invest and what to invest in can be tricky. Luckily, there are people out there like Igor Cornelsen who have a deep knowledge of the stock market, investment banking and good money management practices. Cornelsen was a portfolio advisor for some of Brazil’s wealthiest clients and an aide to the government’s economic authority, but now he spends time investing for just personal reasons, giving tips on investing to others and taking up other activities like golf during his day. Investing doesn’t have to be a complex system according to Igor Cornelsen. It’s about what you’re willing to research and your mindset in undertaking it.

One thing Cornelsen emphasizes over and over again is that investing is not a path to get rich quick. It’s a tool for building a future that means putting your money in stocks or other funds and letting it gain interest over many years. Cornelsen says you should get to know who’s managing your investments as well as the company you invest in because the track record of each can impact your investment’s performance. And also buying multiple small stocks or mutual funds is usually better than making one big investment.

Igor Cornelsen has shared information on foreign investments and he says if you want to pick a country that has an abundance of opportunities, Brazil is a great choice. There are some aspects about investing in Brazil that you have to be aware of such as tightened government regulations in the aftermath of the Roussef administration, but there are ways to navigate them. One way to get started making good Brazilian investments is to get to know people from there because Cornelsen says they usually are outgoing and are happy to give foreigners a few pointers. He also says to do business with banks that deal in foreign exchange because that may make a difference in getting a high return on your investment.


How Rick Smith Changed the Prison Industry

When Rick Smith started working with Securus, he knew there would be things he could do to try and help people with the issues they were facing while they were running the prison. He also knew there would be things he could do to try and help others through the difficult times they were dealing with. It all went back to how he was doing things right and how he was making even more opportunities for people who were running the prison. It helped him with the options he had and gave him everything he needed to know about the way the world around him worked. The prisons would continue to get better and he would make sure he was giving people all the options they needed. For Rick Smith, this was part of how he could bring attention to the issues in the prison and the things that were going on while he was working there. Read more on

After Rick Smith realized he could be the one to make a difference for struggling prison administrators, he began working on different opportunities. He wanted people to know they had a chance to do a lot in the business. He had always done his best to make sure he was giving others a chance at a better life and that continued while he was working as the CEO of the company. Securus was better because of Rick Smith and people knew that when they were looking at the new options he had given them. He knew he was doing things the right way and that helped him continue providing people with everything they needed while they were doing business.

By offering all of these opportunities to other people, Rick Smith was setting himself up for success in the future. Securus was going to get better and people were going to make sure they were doing things right so they’d have a chance at a better future. It all went back to how Rick Smith was giving attention to people and how they were going to make sure they could do everything the right way. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

As long as Rick Smith was doing his best, he was able to keep working hard and giving the community what they wanted. He felt he would be making the best decision possible by giving the community something they could feel good about. He also knew things would continue to get better if he was able to bring attention to the issues in the community. It was part of what helped him make the best choices and part of how he was able to make sure he could do the best job possible to give people what they were looking for.


The Innovative Crafted Beer owner, Eli Gershkovitch

Crafted beer is the main alcoholic drink for Canadians. Its brewing started several centuries ago. There are several breweries that deal in this business, which brew different tastes and flavors, earning the country an increasing income per capita ratio compared to other industries. Moreover, there are both local industries like Molson and international brewing industries, some of which have partnered with foreign companies.

There are different types and flavors of crafted beers depending on the company. Among others, the top best brewing industry is the Propeller Brewing Company that has won gold in world beer championships three times. It is smooth with a caramel flavor. It supplies beer stores and prop shops. Another one is the pump house brewery which produces beer which is bitter with a smell of blueberry muffins. Additionally, is the St. Ambroise oatmeal stout which have been supplying England for decades. It is created by McAuslan brewery. It is dark and sweet (TheNewsVersion).

Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive officer and the co-founder of Steam Works brewery that deals in crafted beer. His industry is located in Gas Town. Although he began small, he involved the people of the society through charities and developments so that they helped him grow the business. In addition, Eli Gershkovitch’s career as a lawyer also helped him to understand the rules surrounding the business ensuring that, he met all the required standards.

Furthermore, Eli Gershkovitch interest in crafted beer began during a visit to an industry after his graduation. His self-drive and determination to grow big apart from having a law firm, enabled him to develop the industry. At first, Eli Gershkovitch began his business by making only eight types of beers in a small abandoned house. He then expanded his business, therefore creating more types.

In conclusion, Eli Gershkovitch is an award-winning brewer, whose main driving force in the industry is not just the pride of being an owner, but also, being part of the creation process. During Canadian crafted beer expeditions, Eli Gershkovitch’s auditions have always impressed the judges, thus enabling him to develop a greater market.

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Glen Wakeman: A Global Business Expert and Mentor

Glen Wakeman has lived a life as a global leader. Wakeman worked in 32 countries during his 20-year tenure with GE Capital. While employed at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman was promoted to the position of CEO of GE Money Latin America. The organization included 9 countries and produced $12 billion in assets under Glen Wakeman’s leadership. Throughout his career Wakeman lived in six countries which contributed to his recognition in areas such as leadership development, market strategy, capital markets, business transformation, and growth.


Glen Wakeman is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which was established in 2015. As an agent of change, Glen assisted corporations with achieving dramatic change. Glen Wakeman is an author of several blogs and writes on a variety of topics such as investments, entrepreneurship, and start-up success. Wakeman is regarded as the business expert who is credited with assisting the highest performing entrepreneurs. Glen Wakeman develops business strategies for his clients which assist entrepreneurs in leading their markets throughout all business cycles.


Glen Wakeman acts as a role model for new entrepreneurs. The software provided by LanchPad Holdings LLC assists new entrepreneurs with the hands-on aspects of business. Wakeman operates LaunchPad Holdings LLC via a SAAS platform and the corporation obtains clients through online marketing strategies. Glen Wakeman created a ToolKit as a means of reducing the number of business failures in the marketplace. Wakeman communicates to his mentees the importance of reciprocity to create an environment in which a mentor feels encouraged to continue to impart wisdom during a long-term relationship.

Glen Wakeman is highly regarded professionally for his achievements in business, finance, and philanthropy. Glen Wakeman has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Scranton in Economics and Finance. Wakeman has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman has received numerous awards for corporate social responsibility and leadership locally, nationally, and internationally. Wakeman is a known for donating to charities and teaches business executives to support charitable causes. Due to Glen Wakeman’s teachings, business executives recognized the importance of providing charitable support (ChronicleWeek).

Dr. Mark Holterman Child Surgeon

Dr. Mark Holterman is an educator, researcher, and surgeon making his schedule very busy although the philanthropic arena is where he does his most important work. Contributions he has made are saving lives such as those to International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).


Pediatric Surgery Journey


Raised in Wisconsin, neither of Dr. Mark Holterman’s parents went to college and his family owned a farm. One of his high school teachers told him he should think about attending Yale University because of he of his academic capabilities. Although his parents were unsure Mark went to Yale where he majored in biology. He graduated in 1980 and went to the University of Virginia’s medical school where he wanted to be a pediatrician also taking part in a program from the National Institutes of Health so he could be a medical scientist.


Mark’s life was changed at UVA when he met medical resident Ai-Xuan Le a graduate of Texas Christian University. Her passion for surgery made Make decide he wanted to be a surgeon and his interest in pediatrics made her want to be a pediatric surgeon. The two married during 1988 and have three sons named Alex, Isaac, and Nathan. Mark did his surgery residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center. The couple moved to Settle and Mark went to the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center for a pediatric surgery fellowship. Mark became a research associate at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal for two years when they went to Quebec, Canada (Twitter).


To Many Roles


Dr. Mark Holterman has professional experience spanning over two decades and a number of endeavors in his career these days. He acts as the CEO of Mariam Global Health, an investment firm that funds and aids in managing innovative medical businesses. He is a professor of surgery and pediatrics at University of Illinois College of Medicine where he has been a member of the faculty since 2011. He serves as a pediatric surgeon at three hospitals and cares for and performs pediatric operations at a fourth.

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Perry Mandera And A Recap of His Latest Blog Posts

Most of the articles you read online can be very fetching in style, but appear low in substance. That’s something that we want to address in telling you in this article the latest updates of Perry Mandera.


In this article, we will try to recap at least two of the latest blog posts of Perry Mandera and conflate the articles and give you the substance that you need for whatever purpose. Whether you want to learn about Perry Mandera’s Custom Co, Inc., which he owns, or you just are curious about how he runs his companies, this article is for you (Chicago.CBSLocal).


Recap of Two Articles

Two of the latest articles that you read from his blog include the one about the latest software he’s acquired for his business, and the other one would be about the new changes he made for his company to make sure that the customer service issues in his company would be addressed.


In the first part, it was shown that there are now three new software technologies that Perry Mandera uses for his company, The Custom Companies. Custom Companies Inc. is a relatively known transportation and logistics companies today and service providers that offer help in North Lake, Illinois, which helps in making sure that people get the deliveries they need for their personal or business needs.


In the second blog post that we should recap, it is said that one way that Custom Companies make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services, they always try to incorporate the new technologies available today, which includes an electronic bill of lading (


This feature makes it easy for companies and individuals to enter into a contract of carriage and make sure that there will be fewer litigation concerns when they transact with the company. That said, when a billing is entered into by a customer, it is now easy for the customer to make the order and enter the info needed to make sure that the client receives the delivery it needs.


About Perry Mandera


Perry Mandera is right now the successful owner of Custom Companies for over 30 years now. His business has continuously expanded in areas quite unforeseen before.

Being Revitalized from Stream Energy

What is Stream Energy?


Stream Energy provides connected life services to individuals in the form of energy, wireless, protective, and home services. The company originated in Dallas since 2005 and have generated more than $8 billion over the 12-year period. Stream Services are available to customers who are constantly “on-the-go” and need security wherever they are. They can be purchased nationwide in areas such as Texas, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (WeeklyOpinion).


Services in Depth


These connected life services include the following:


Stream EnergyStream WirelessStream Protective ServicesStream HomeRewards System

  • Stream Energy- Covers a house or business. The energy products consist of electricity, natural gas, and other innovative tools.
  • Stream Wireless- Nationwide cell coverage and unlimited data options. Simple wireless plans are also available with wireless tools, no long-term contracts, and international calling.
  • Stream Protective Services- Roadside Assistance, Identity protection, credit monitoring and Tech support; These quality healthcare services are available 24/7 where users can conduct phone or video consultations with U.S Board Certified doctors.
  • Stream Home- Crystal-clear calling that offers mobile phone services with a landline at an affordable monthly fee (


  1. Free Everything Program – Possible opportunity to earn free services after enrolling 15 friends.
  2. Personal Customer Bonus – Individuals can receive hundreds of dollars during their first month by referring customers.
  3. Team Customer Bonus
  4. Monthly Earned Income – Small income if users pay their income.


Advancement in Illinois


On September 25, 2017, Stream launched several of their services in northern Illinois. Clients in the state have the option to purchase 6 and 12-month fixed rate electricity plans. The independent Associates of Stream intends to celebrate the Illinois expansion on January 13, 2018, at the famous Chicago landmark, Navy Pier. As expressed by Chief Operating Officer Dan O’Mailey, the expansion is more than offering their service lines to a new market but allowing “associates to grow and expand their business as well.”

Jorge Moll: Investigating the Brain

Jorge Moll is a prominent Brazilan neuroscientist who is most well-known for his groundbreaking researches and experiments about the human brain. One of the most significant trials that he conducted took place in 2006. He invited a vast number of volunteers who are willing to be experimented upon and urged them to visit the research facility where Jorge Moll is working. After he managed to get the sufficient number of volunteers, he contacted several neuroscientists around the world and invited them to experiment with him. One of the neuroscientists who heeded the call of Jorge Moll is Jordan Grafman, another neuroscientist who is curious with experiments involving the human brain. It was Jorge Moll who explained how the experiment would go through, and he asked the cooperation of the volunteers (MundoDoMarketing). He told them that the only thing they have to do is to close their eyes and imagine two different scenarios. One scenario would have to show that they are selfish and would not give anything to an individual or a group. Another scenario would have to show that they are generous and would give everything that they have to an individual or a group.


As the volunteers began imagining the scenario, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman went to the computer monitors to see what is going on inside the brain of the volunteers. The two neuroscientists used a state of the art scanner that can detect the activities of the brain, and they were confused after seeing the result of the equipment. It was revealed that the brain is reacting heavily with the thoughts depicting generosity, but it is static with thoughts showing selfishness ( They also found a small area of the brain that is emitting a lot of hormones that is responsible for pleasurable feelings. Aside from the hormones released from the small area of the brain, they also noticed some chemicals that are being released by the brain that causes the body to feel good after imagining a scenario of generosity. The two neuroscientists are satisfied with their experiment, and they immediately published it for the scientific community to see.

Lessons From Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO Career Success

A few individuals can boast of tremendous success in the food and processing industry and Sheldon Lavin is one of them. After many years working as an executive banker and investor, Sheldon decided to make a bold move to food and processing and has managed to rise through the ranks to his current position where he sits as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a global food processing company. This company also includes OSI industries as well as OSI International Foods. Under his watch, OSI Group has successfully expanded across North America, Europe, South America and Asia.
Career Success

Sheldon Lavin’s career success started when he entered into a partnership with Otto & Sons where his financial input into the company saw it to grow in leaps and bounds. Later in 1975, he became more involved with company where he started looking for investment opportunities overseas. This is when McDonald’s confirmed them as their main meat supplier.

Sheldon has won many awards throughout his career for his role in business performance, his involvement in the community as well as integrity. Some of his awards include include the Global Visionary Award by the Vision World Academy of India in 2016. This award is presented to business leaders in various categories who manage to transform their business ideas into reality through determination and persistence. Sheldon was considered for his role in transforming OSI Group from a small food company to what is now a global multinational enterprise. In the same year OSI Group was honored by the British Safety Council with the Globe of Honor Award. With operations in 17 countries and over 60 locations, OSI Group has employed over 20,000 workers.

Although Sheldon Lavin is quite old now, he is still actively involved in the operations of OSI Group, keen to lead the company to more growth opportunities. His stewardship has seen OSI Group establish itself globally as he continues to strengthen his partnership with McDonald’s in a bid to become the company’s largest meat supplier. Sheldon’s success did not come easy as he has endeavored to substantiate himself in an industry that most people thought was unfamiliar to him. Today Sheldon says that he never regrets leaving the banking industry to go into food processing.

Charity Work

Sheldon Lavin is a charitable man despite his lucrative job at OSI Group as he has donated towards several causes among them the Ronald McDonald House Charities, where he is the chairman, Chicago’s Inner City Foundation, the united Negro Fund as well as the Evans Scholarship Fund among many more.

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