Alexandre Gama Creates Neogama

Alexandre Gama started his career in the advertising field after he graduated and received two degrees from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Upon graduation, he worked as a copy write for a few different companies before he decided to start his own. In 1999, Neogama launched and in just one year become one of the most well known advertising and communications firms in Brazil.

In 2002 Neogama teamed up with BBH making the firm international. BBH is also and advertising firm, but they operate mainly in London. Alexandre Gama however, still remained the biggest shareholder even after the partnership. A year later, Neogama won two Lions from the Cannes Festival. Both Lions were given the same year but in two different categories. This was the first time a company has ever been able to do that. They were also recognized due to the fact that back in 1999, the company was handed a Lion from the Cannes Festival when they had only been open a year. This was the first time that has ever happened. A few years later, the Publicis Groupe bought Neogama but after a few short years Alexandre Gama took back control and is now the main owner once again.

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