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The Career Life Of Gregory Aziz

Born in London Ontario on 30th April 1949 goes a long way in tracing the humble beginning of Gregory James Aziz. He attended Ridley College and later to the University of Western Ontario where he pursued Economics. Coming from a family that dealt with wholesale food business, Gregory worked with the family wholeheartedly, and after 16 years of its operation, it scaled up to become an international importer of fresh food, purchasing them from South, Central America, and from Europe. It delivers to the other leading fresh food markets in the US and Eastern parts of Canada.

Gregory J. Aziz also worked on myriads of banking investments work in the late 1980s till early 90s. He later decided to acquire the National Steel Car from Dofasco in the year 1994. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and his long-term vision was to remodel the company into a leading railroad freight car builder in North America.

James Aziz has always focused on top notch competencies in the field of engineering, carried out team building, and has put considerable effort into human and capital investment. Out of these efforts, the company has expanded its manufacturing potential from previous 3500 cars per year at the time of purchase to 1200 cars by the year 2009. Employment increased to 3000 from its previous size of 600.

The company considers both engineering and manufacturing brilliance to propagate it to be the leading national steel car industry. The industry has been recognized for its high-quality standards, bagging the TTX SECO award, since the year 1996 and being the only railcar company with certified ISO 9001:2008 in North America. To its constant devotion, strict adherence to the core values and actively focusing on its suppliers, staffs, and customers are the reason behind the company’s success for many years. Loyalty, integrity, and trust are what the company takes pride in the most. Click Here for more of Aziz.

National steel car is devoted to the Hamilton community and has supported Aquarius, the Hamilton musical, the United Way, the Salvation Army and other regional organizations. Thousands of workers, both previous and current with their children, go to the National Steel Car Christmas celebration every year and take part in the company’s crucial food drive for regional food banks.

Aziz and his partner Irene fund one of the most notable Canada’s agricultural activities known as the Royal Agricultural Winter event.

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Greg Aziz Continues To Make National Steel Car Great

Born and brought up in London, Ontario, Gregory James Aziz has become one of the most successful individuals in the world. He is the current chief executive of the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the world. The engineering company is known as the National Steel Car. The excellence in his work has a lot to do with his unwavering dedication. Once Gregory Aziz sets his mind to doing something, he ensures that he accomplishes it. Greg attended the Ridley College before enrolling at the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in economics.


Before making the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco in the year 1994, Greg Aziz had been involved in various ventures. For starters, he joined his family business of selling food in wholesale. The food products had a ready market in the United States of America and Eastern Canada. All the fresh products that Affiliate Foods was delivering were imported from South America, Europe, and Central America. From the food industry, Greg J. Aziz began working in investing banking. He worked in several opportunities for the period between the late 1980 and early 1990s. It is while in this industry that he acquired a substantial amount of money that allowed him to organize for the purchase of National Steel Car.


National Steel Car has been able to stay ahead of its competitors since it is committed to delivering quality products. The backbone of this company is its customers. Out of the collaboration between the clients and the company, the company has achieved tremendous success and has made National Steel Car more diverse, innovative and values-driven. Greg James Aziz says that the company appreciates the far it has come but does not dwell on the past achievements. It keeps on striving to be better every day. See More Information Here.


Since the company has diverse customers who have put much trust into it, James Aziz says that the corporation is dedicated to building railcars that are of the highest quality, and delivering them on time. It is worth noting that National Steel is the only ISO certified company in the entire North America. For over 10 years now, the company has been received the annual TTX SECO award.


Besides excelling in business, the organization and more so The CEO has been giving back to the community. It, for instance, sponsors the Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and the United Way. The organization organizes for a Christmas party that brings together current and former employees and their families.




The Investment of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Livio Bisterzo’s HIPPEAS

     The prominence of Livio Bisterzo is behind his role as the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Green Park Holdings. Worth appreciation is his new HIPPEAS product which refers to a snack that is natural and everyone would have the good feeling in relation giving it to their own families.

It is the belief of Livio Bisterzo together with his partners that the virtue of goodness is essential particularly for their business which not only tastes but also do good. These are the major philosophies of the firm.

HIPPEAS refers to a firm that manufactures chickpea puffs that are organic and consist of six distinct flavors.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not only an investor but also an actor. Earlier on, he engaged in investment in connection with the Livio’s firm.

Remarkably, HIPPEAS’ Brand refers to the products containing substantive quantities of protein and fiber and are not heavy. Their advantage is the fact that they contain limited amounts of calories and contains no GMOs. Additionally, they are an organic, koshen and gluten-free that are entirely certified. The other feature of these snacks is that they are quite tasty.

It is worth acknowledging the long duration in which the entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo has been in the field. The whole thing started in the year 2003 through the utilization of a firm that took part in the youth events, culture as well as marketing. It was two years later that he came to the realization of his current passion. The Green Park Holdings’ founder had the objective of establishing a firm dealing with the manufacture of the healthy snacks. The reason for the establishment is to facilitate the availability of foods of improved quality and demand in the market. This adds up to the objective of bringing about a positive influence on the community.

The residence of Livio Bisterzo together with his wife and their three children is in Los Angeles. Prior to moving to his residence in the United States, he earlier on resided in Britain. It is during this course that he pursued his University education at the University of the Arts. Upon his decision to join the business field, he inaugurated an events idea, the hospitality businesses, the consumer products as well as the lifestyle businesses.

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The Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur has had a very long and successful career in business. He is currently the co founder of Swiss Startup Factory. The company helps businesses reach their goals through mentoring and coaching. As an entrepreneur, Mike has established himself as a leading expert on helping startup businesses achieve their various goals. Prior to becoming and entrepreneur, Mike has had lots of experience working with business owners. He first worked in the banking sector where he helped them with financial planning as well as acquiring funds to start up or expand their businesses. Baur also got involved in startup investing. During a period of ten years, Mike invested money into a number of new companies which proved to be highly profitable. With these three experiences, Mike Baur has established himself as one of the leading business people in all of Switzerland.


At the beginning of his career, Mike worked as a banking professional where he frequently assisted entrepreneurs. While working in the banking industry, Mike often met with business owners and discussed their goals, business idea and funding needs. Baur would listen to them and provide them with advice on how to achieve their goals. One of the goals that these businesses had was getting funds to either start up or expand. Many new businesses need money to start or expand and therefore need banking firms to help them. Mike would spend a number of years providing loans to new businesses and otherwise help them get the money to fulfill their objectives.


After a twenty year career in banking, Mike would spend another ten years investing in numerous startup companies. During this time, he would analyze a number of businesses and choose to invest in ones that had the most potential. While Baur would take some risks, he would often get positive results. As a startup investor, he would acquire ownership stakes in a number of these startup companies and make a portion of the profits. This would allow him to make a lot of money. With a lot of money being made by investing in startups, Mike had the capital to start up his own business. His experience as a startup investor proved to give him even more in depth knowledge of how startups work and what they need to do in order to be successful. Baur then started up Swiss Startup Factory in order to help new companies improve their operations and build themselves into top businesses.


Supporting Human and Civil Rights Through The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

Human beings all over the world fundamentally have the right and freedom of speech, assembly, and association among others. Whereas this is true, there is still a huge number of individuals more so those from marginalized groups such as immigrants who are still deprived of such basic rights and freedom.

However, with the many civil organization groups around, the situation is a little easier. One organization that is helping immigrants families in California settle in well is The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA).

CHIRLA is a lead agent of the many immigrant families living within the larger California area. The main agenda of CHIRLA is to have a society that is all inclusive. CHIRLA came into being after the implementation of the 1986 Act- the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

This act sought to make it illegal and unconstitutional to employ workers without any legal documents as they would easily be violated and abused at work.

Currently, CHIRLA executes its responsibilities by changing how the public views different civic and human rights. In addition to this, the group is also involved in the formation of policies that will help better the lives of its citizens.

Like any other non-profit organization, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) heavily relies on the support of wealthy individuals and organizations such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund for funding.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

As human and civil rights groups continue to take center stage in the fight for equal representation in the society, funding remains one of the major factors that determine whether this is a success or not.

One of the funding organization that has been committed to ensuring that the objectives of civil activist groups are attained is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. In addition to providing funding to civic groups, Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has also been actively involved in supporting the civic participation and freedom of speech of the marginalized immigrant groups in the wide Arizona area including the “la linea fronteriza” that operates along the border.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established out of a compensation amount that was awarded to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after their illegal and unconstitutional arrest and detention by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

Mr. Lacey and Larkin are bold reporters who were keen on exposing the illegal and unlawful activities that were being committed by the Sheriff in particular on the immigrants’ community around the Arizona area. As a result of the unlawful arrest, these two journalists sued the county and upon successful determination of their case were awarded $3.75 million that was later dedicated to fighting for the civic rights of the immigrants.

Civic and human rights violation of immigrants continue to be witnessed in all over the world today. However, thanks to the contributions of activist groups such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and CHIRLA, there is hope for a permanent solution soon.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Providing Sleeping Solutions to the World

Dr. Avi Weisfogel established the Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor which is based in New Jersey a company that deals with assisting individuals with sleep disorders. He has a rich background in treating sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel began his career in 1999 when he setting up Old Bridge Dental Care Clinic. As a dentist, he earned several accolades for his excellence in treatment including the Best Dentist over a period of 15 years.

It was during his time as a dentist that he began to explore sleep disorders. To this end, he started learning how physicians and dentists can help patients suffering from sleep disorders. As a result, he founded the Healthy Heart Sleep Company in 2010. In this case, he collaborated with leading physicians from around the world advising them on establishing and managing sleep labs.
Later he established the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient through which he started to lecture dentists on how they can increase as well as serve sleep patients. Dr. Avi Wesifogel attended Rutgers University earning a BA in biology and psychology. He is also a DDS graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry.
When he began his career, Dr. Weisfogel noted that patients suffering various sleep disorders were faced with several challenges mainly as a result of physician’s neglect to perform sleep tests. Further, he noted that there was always a resounding bias among physicians who attempted performing sleep tests. Therefore, he had a vision of providing a solution to the sleep apnea patients to every patient in the world. This implied that he had to travel around the world often to achieve this goal efficiently.
The solution that Dr. Avi introduced is based on sleep apnea. Through this approach, he helps other dentists identify the potential patients as well as help patients to secure the treatment which they require.
Though the Dental Sleep Master Company, he designs sleep appliances which provide relief for persons that are suffering from the sleep disorders. The company runs a tailor made program that focuses on orally applied therapy where patients are encouraged to use certain sleep wear that does not obstruct breathing when they are asleep. Sometimes, the patient is advised on the best positions when sleeping thus ensuring that the air flows when they are breathing is smooth.

What Landed Waiakea Water on Top?

Most people only dream about having their company become one of the top listed businesses in the nation. For Ryan Emmons this dream became a reality when the Waiakea bottled water brand was listed by Inc. 5000 as one of the top 500 companies in America. This magazine uses a three year growth span of a huge number of companies to determine which ones will make their list of 5000, so when Waiakea water landed a spot at number 414 it was definitely a huge step forward for the company.

Founder and CEO, Ryan Emmons, chose to launch his new brand of bottled water even though it appeared as though the odds for success were stacked against him. He was just 22 years old when he established the Waiakea brand, so breaking into the business world was a challenge since most of the CEO’s in this field were over 50. When marketing his new brand, Emmons decided to utilize the key features he knew to be important to today’s consumers. He did this by addressing the issues of social awareness and environmental conservation.

Promoted as a brand that cares about people and the environment, Waiakea water has remained a forerunner in the field of bottled water. The process used to bottle and package this water is designed to use a reduced amount of energy so it leaves less of a carbon footprint behind. In fact, this brand’s manufacturing process reduces the amount of carbon released into the air by a whopping 90 percent. This company also makes use of recycled plastic by placing their water in bottles made of RPET material.

The water itself is sourced from a natural spring located at the base of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. The water comes from the rain and snow that falls within this region so it is considered to be a renewable resource. Waiakea water is also promoted as a healthy beverage since it becomes naturally enriched with essential minerals such as calcium and potassium. The water’s pH level also makes it better suited for hydration while giving it a smooth and naturally refreshing taste.

Sheldon Lavin’s Incredible Achievements together with the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the leader of OSI Group holding the CEO and Chairman position. The education and experience he has help Sheldon to take the OSI Group to a higher level. Sheldon has a rich education in finance and accounting giving him enough and adequate knowledge to lead a company. Mr. Lavin worked for a company which was named the Otto & Sons Company which also dealt with meat processing. Sheldon held the financial organizer position of the company which was owned by the Kolschowsky family. Later the company changed to OSI Industries, and Sheldon continued working with the new company until he became an owner. Sheldon had also worked for the banking industry and had owned a financial consulting firm.

On March 3, 2016, the Global Visionary Award was presented to Sheldon Lavin which honors different leaders in various fields. The Award was presented by India’s Vision World Academy. The award recognizes leaders who have managed to turn dreams into reality and have been able to achieve their goals. Sheldon is among the leaders who have managed to make a simple company become a global industry serving a large number of consumers. OSI Group as a whole has received other awards such as the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2016. The award was honored to OSI Food for having the best strategies used to manage any environmental risks. The awards are an indication that the company under Sheldon’s leadership becoming more successful.

In several interviews, Sheldon Lavin describes how his success came to be and shared his visions. Sheldon states how he always had a dream of making a company into a global food processing industry. Sheldon’s innovative ideas have significantly contributed to OSI Group’s achievements. The team works with determination to make sure the company is always on top of his rivals. Sheldon also said that the team cannot rest, even with their significant accomplishments; the team still works towards more. OSI group has an excellent reputation record and is relied upon by many of their customers. The team is dedicated to serving products that are of high quality and standards. Sheldon Lavin is the most suitable person to lead the OSI Food Solutions.

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Julia Jackson: Poised, Polished, and Pragmatic

Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson- the poised, sophisticated, and elegant face of Jackson Family Wines. At the young age of 29, this business-savvy beauty represents one of the most aggressively expanding wine families on the planet.Having graduated from Scripps College with a degree in studio art, and later attending Stanford Graduate School of Business, it’s no surprise that this discerning beauty is helping to drive her family’s massive growth.Apart from helping drive that growth, Julia devotes a large portion of her time to charitable organizations. In 2014, Jackson founded the nonprofit, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The organization promotes strength and female leadership in a business world largely dominated by men.

Annually, the organization distributes $100,000 in grants to nonprofits that promote their vision of female equality and authenticity.With an elegance and sophistication that rivals the most well known celebrities in the fashion and entertainment industries, Julia provides a stunning visage to compliment what are considered some of the most notoriously well-regarded wines in the world.The JaJulia Jacksonckson family of wines includes highly-regarded wines from across the globe. These include, the highly sought after Lokoya Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley, and the Tenuta Di Arceno collection from one of Tuscany’s premiere wineries.But there is more to her polished presentation than meets the eye.

A powerful combination of beauty, charm, and business prowess makes her an admirable business leader in the wine industry. Influenced by her parents, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, Julia upholds the vision of the company and their commitment to producing quality wines, while maintaining the integrity of its acquisitions.There is no doubt that Julia will continue to promote and grow her family’s business and legacy. Whether she is involved in charitable contributions, or investing in quality, traditionally made wines, her expertise and charisma help solidify Jackson Family Wines as an unforgettable brand experience.

Gregory Aziz’s National Steel Car Continues to Dominate Rail Industry

National Steel Car is a rail industry company and they do what they can to give other rail companies the help that they need. As a B2B company, they are committed to helping out other companies that are a part of the industry. They know a lot about steel freight cars and they have been in the business for a long time. Because of this, they have been able to show people what they can get from different types of cars and that is what has allowed them to keep growing so that they will be able to help other people out.


Since Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of the company, he knows what to do to make it better. He has come a long way in his own career and that shows in the way that National Steel Car continues to see improvements. For Gregory Aziz to continue doing these things, he has to keep National Steel Car current on all of the regulations in each of the countries that make up North America. Gregory Aziz wants to show people what they can get from these situations and what they will be able to do to improve their own companies with these types of steel cars.


G James Aziz has shown business what they are getting in different situations. He has also given them an opportunity to see the engineering side of the company. He often enjoys showing people the way that the cars are engineered so that they will have a chance to see how the process works. He has always made sure that he can help people have a clear idea of what the company looks like and what it is going to be able to do for different people. Since Gregory Aziz knew a lot about the industry, he continued to provide insights into the engineering of these rail cars. Go Here for more.


One thing that the company has always done well with is their assets. They believe that everything their employees do is an asset and that has helped the company to see the difference in the way that they can hire people. Gregory Aziz knows that he is going to have to make things better for different people and that they are going to be able to benefit from a career with the company so he is always sure to provide them with the opportunities that they need.


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