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Handy Cleans Up as Revenues Skyrocket

Handy is doing some excellent work, and more people are discovering this company. It has become the type of organization that is fueling a new outsourcing craze. People are booking multiple services online, and they are able to do this with the same company.

Handy provides a host of different services, and the revenues are climbing as these contracted men and women provide cleaning, furniture assembly and painting services. That is the beauty of a company that is dedicated to providing a host of different services. There will always be room for this company to grow. The profits are the proof of what this company has been able to do. This is an organization that has reigned in the cleaning industry, and the founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, is bringing this company into an even more competitive state with other services.

That is what makes Handy a top-rated services company. There are people that are seeing that this company is able to change as the needs of the customers change. That makes the company stand out as one of the best choices for outsourcing services in the home. Homeowners like to make sure that they are getting a quality job done, and Handy has established a good relationship with customers through years of high quality service.

Handy has become one of the companies that homeowners can depend on for quality service jobs. That is the thing that propels this company. The contractors come from different walks of life all over the world, but they appear to have a common goal in mind when they go out to work.

This organization manages to provide service to people in different cities in different countries, and the organization is still gaining momentum. That gives the company the chance to expand to more cities.

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Talk Fusion Blazing a Trail Into The Future of Communication

Talk Fusion the company which started in 2007 has really managed to mix up the video communication market. Talk Fusion’s product line speaks to many different users and has gained in popularity in the recent months. There are 4 separate products on offer. The first is the video chat app which allows the user to communicate with anyone on a tablet, mobile phone, PC or Mac as long as the device has a camera and an internet connection. There is no need to download anything or add any plugins so this app makes it incredibly easy to use. The second app is the Video Email app which allows the user to add their very own private video message in to their email. Making the message that much more personal. The app offers a huge variety of different templates so the user can customize their video in thousands of different ways. The third app is the video newsletter app. This app allows you to capture your viewers attention and provide them with a video that is very unique to this platform. The video newsletter allows for vibrant, customizable video which stands it apart from its competitors. This app allows the user to host their own video conferences and broadcast them anywhere in the world. The customer can share his/her entire desktop as well as design and customize presentations that they would like to share.

The popularity of Talk Fusion is no surprise and there are many people talking about it. One news website, Business for Home has a write up of the trending news surrounding the Talk Fusion app. It has become extremely popular in Switzerland, Japan and Indonesia to name a few. Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina says the company will not stop there. They are just getting started and will soon launch their free trial.

Oisin Hanrahan and the Handy Cleaning Company he Created

Oisin Hanrahan is observant. He observed a friend with a messy room early in his college career, and this birthed the idea of Handy Cleaning services. He observed the way that customer satisfaction played such an important part in the overall business structure. Hanrahan also observed how customers would essentially return and book services again if they had confidence in what the contracted workers were doing. All of these observations has given him a lot of room to grow the company the way he wants to grow it.

This is a business that is expanding through the United States and other countries. People are finding out that this is the best source for cleaning their homes, and they want to get on board with other satisfied customers. That is the power of social media, and Oisin knows and observes this as well.

Hanrahan has learned that the contracted workers may be contracted, but they are ultimately representing Handy. This means that the company has to do the job of structuring these workers before they go out. They have to get background checks. They must have a level of professionalism.

Handy has managed to make customers take notice of their excellent cleaning skills. This company has become one of the innovators that has also given customers the opportunity to book other services like TV mounting, painting and plumbing. All of these added services will help the company grow as the ultimate on-demand services for the home. That is why Handy has managed to stay on top. The leaders that are in place are observing everything that comes their way, and they are staying mindful of customer needs.