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Best Ski Resort on Lake Tahoe

Whether it’s the summer or winter, skiing is great year around. This is a great sport for both a beginner and someone on a beginners level. Your safety, however, should always be put first. It’s ideal to ski in a location specifically designed for those purposes. As with any vacation where you stay will have an impact on your vacation. Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Resort can ensure optimal enjoyment and relaxation on your ski trip.

One activity that many families enjoy is the Squaw Kids Adventure Camp. This will get your kids outdoors, hiking, nature craft, yoga, climbing wall, mini golf, and much more. Parents especially love this since it gives them time to unwind and have fun. This program is ideal for those 5 years old and up to 13. So, just how can adults relax? The Trilogy Spa is one of many great ways. For Example, take the Spring Thyme Message which includes an aromatherapy blend and a full body Swedish style message.

Exploring is the main attraction at Squaw Valley on Aerial tram and sightseeing is one way to get a good view of your beautiful surroundings. In the winter you will find there are even more things to do. From Ice Skating, mini snowmobiles, sky jump, snow tubing, and even dog sledding is available in the winter months. Another thing that makes this place one of a kind is the Olympic Museum.

Lodging certainly is important when you’re on vacation. Squaw Valley Village includes a full bathroom for every bedroom in the suite, a gas fire place, fully equipped kitchen, and private balconies in some of the units. For those wishing to lounge around, there’s a billiards lounge and a children’s game room as well. Hot tubs will still be available all throughout the year. Parking is a concern to some considering the freezing whether during the Winter season. However, you can rest easy knowing that your car is parked in a heated parking garage.

As with any vacation or travel it’s always best to prepare. For example, when planning your trip it’s best to consider the activities you’re looking into. Obviously, there will be different activities depending on which season you plan to take your trip and should be taken into consideration. Many people worry about leaving their pets home. However, Squaw Valley is pet friendly and even allows dogs on some of the select activities.