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The High Potential for Growth

The business world can be a dangerous place, especially for individuals who are currently seeking ways to save money. Besides the normal overhead cost of product production, as well as wages for employees corporations also need to worry about additional costs such as business meetings.

Many of these meetings can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to complete, and it does not guarantee that they will be successful. In order to try to bridge the gap between success and failure entrepreneurial genius Billy has created a social program that takes advantage of discounts.

This program is called Magnises and focuses on the use of a particular metal card. Members can use this card as a payment method within certain locations in order to pay for services rendered.

The card is linked to a personal bank account of the member and whenever a payment is made using the card a discounted amount of money is automatically removed from the overall price before being charged. This is a big deal for business-minded individuals seeking new ways to save their corporations money.

McFarland has created this card for both consumers and businesses to use, although emphasis is obviously made on business owners.

Now instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a single business meeting it is completely possible to spend that same amount of money on multiple business meetings instead. This means more money is being placed where it needs to be within the corporation and makes room for more potential company growth.

By creating The Social Network program and offering such amazing discounts to businesses and consumers alike Billy McFarland and has been away created a new way for globalization to be effective within the domestic economy.

This will not only promote business growth but will make it much easier for new businesses to take off during a time period where such things are quite difficult to do.