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The Innovative Crafted Beer owner, Eli Gershkovitch

Crafted beer is the main alcoholic drink for Canadians. Its brewing started several centuries ago. There are several breweries that deal in this business, which brew different tastes and flavors, earning the country an increasing income per capita ratio compared to other industries. Moreover, there are both local industries like Molson and international brewing industries, some of which have partnered with foreign companies.

There are different types and flavors of crafted beers depending on the company. Among others, the top best brewing industry is the Propeller Brewing Company that has won gold in world beer championships three times. It is smooth with a caramel flavor. It supplies beer stores and prop shops. Another one is the pump house brewery which produces beer which is bitter with a smell of blueberry muffins. Additionally, is the St. Ambroise oatmeal stout which have been supplying England for decades. It is created by McAuslan brewery. It is dark and sweet (TheNewsVersion).

Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive officer and the co-founder of Steam Works brewery that deals in crafted beer. His industry is located in Gas Town. Although he began small, he involved the people of the society through charities and developments so that they helped him grow the business. In addition, Eli Gershkovitch’s career as a lawyer also helped him to understand the rules surrounding the business ensuring that, he met all the required standards.

Furthermore, Eli Gershkovitch interest in crafted beer began during a visit to an industry after his graduation. His self-drive and determination to grow big apart from having a law firm, enabled him to develop the industry. At first, Eli Gershkovitch began his business by making only eight types of beers in a small abandoned house. He then expanded his business, therefore creating more types.

In conclusion, Eli Gershkovitch is an award-winning brewer, whose main driving force in the industry is not just the pride of being an owner, but also, being part of the creation process. During Canadian crafted beer expeditions, Eli Gershkovitch’s auditions have always impressed the judges, thus enabling him to develop a greater market.

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