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Case Files: The Good and Bad of The Quincy

The Quincy is a neighborhood like no other. Surrounded by state of the art estates, The Quincy is home to the New Brunswick Apartments, a duplex that traces its reputation for the good and the bad in equal measure. For years, the New Brunswick Apartments in The Quincy have been a residential area of choice for many famous and wealthy individuals. To this end, this one location has become a bull’s eye to the crime hungry and trigger-happy thugs living in areas surrounding New Brunswick, thus causing a significant threat to local security.


One famous incident that caused shudders to The Quincy residents is when a pizza delivery guy got hoaxed into a possible delivery, attacked by robbers, and had all his possessions stolen. Also, the thugs went ahead to physically assault the delivery man, something that left people in The Quincy and its environs feeling insecure. Preliminary investigations through evidence collected from the crime scene showed that Parysh Woods was the man behind the gang related incident. In a swift move, the New Brunswick and South River Police Departments joined Det. Ron Seaman and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office in investigations. Later on, Parysh Woods got arrested and arraigned in court. He was only twenty-one at the time.


Later on, Mr. Parysh was found guilty of wrong doing and got locked up at the Middlesex County Correction Center where he is currently serving his sentence. In another rare yet traumatizing incident, one person got injured when a shooting occurred at the New Brunswick Apartments. At around 9:30 pm, four shots got heard emanating from the New Brunswick Apartments that have been known to house many high profile individuals. Shortly after the incident, an individual walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in search for immediate medical attention for gunshot wounds.


Police investigations determined that the victim got dropped off at the premises of the hospital by a dark-colored Honda. Also, it got ascertained that the person who has perpetrated the heinous act was a man dressed in a hooded jacket. After committing the offense, the suspect fled towards Nielsen Street. A day later, bullet casings got found near the apartment, and the suspect got arrested. Despite narrowing the crime to one suspect and victim, police officers refused to release the identities of these individuals because they were not sure of the charges that would follow after that. Although there has been a string of criminal activities at The Quincy, law enforcement agencies have always acted swiftly to discourage the penetration of crime gangs into residential neighborhoods.