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Success From a Vision

Success typically starts with a vision. The vision doesn’t necessarily have to be grand. It can be something small like helping someone move what he needs to his new place. However, Bernardo Chua had a grand vision. His vision involves bringing greater health to people. This vision was inspired by his love for ganoderma. He understood the type of health benefits that could come from this herb. As he came to understand the benefits, he has developed a desire to bring this herb to other countries throughout the world. This vision has resulted in the founding of the company, Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has started off as an employee in the Philippines like many people do. He has used the skills and the experience he has gained from his job in order to put together something that is going to be successful. He has studied and developed a lot of business skills and strategies in order to build a successful company that is meant to bring forth something unique throughout the globe. He has also used a lot of skills in marketing in order to help spread awareness of such a new product. His company would grow from only three employees to a worldwide enterprise.

He has utilized the help of independent distributors in order to bring the product to people throughout different countries. His company has proven to be a success because of the health that it brings people through the coffee beverage. Organo Gold coffee has brought forth a greater sense of wellness to consumers. Bernardo Chua has began expanding his company because of the success that he has experienced with his product. He has also won awards with his company. Among the most significant acts that he has carried out with his company is expanding it to Turkey, the country that housed the first coffeehouse.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @OGBernie, and keep informed of what Bernardo is doing next by reading the BitsyLink article on his success.

Investment Genius Kyle Bass Is Predicting A Hard Landing For China

Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital Management had a lot to say about China recently. Bass and his Dallas-based hedge fund is betting millions that the Chinese currency is going to depreciate against the dollar, and if Bass is right, he will make millions on that bet. But Bass hasn’t had the best track record recently. The Capital Management hedge fund is not performing up to expectations, and Bass recent predictions haven’t materialized. But he may be right about China. Other major hedge funds are making the same bet against the Chinese yuan, and the Chinese government is not happy about those bets.

China’s economy has hit a wall. The manufacturing sector is in a recession, and it is pulling the rest of the country down with it. China wants to convert to a consumer-driven economy, but the government can’t do it fast enough to prevent a major recession that will send economic shock waves around the world. Bass doesn’t think the United States will feel the impact of the Chinese recession, but economists say he’s wrong. Rather than a 40 to 50 percent chance of a recession hitting the U.S. economy, a 100 percent chance is the forecast that economists are predicting.

China has already sent some countries into recession mode, and the economy in Europe is getting worse every day. Bass thinks Europe will collapse before the United States, and he’s betting that will happen as well. But Bass isn’t the same guy that predicted the 2008 financial meltdown. Kyle made more than $590 million when he bet the market was going to collapse. He enjoyed genius status for that bet, but his genius status has been tarnished ever since then.

When Bass supported General Motors during the airbag and power steering crisis, he did it to protect his huge investment in General Motors, and that turned popular opinion against Bass. When Bass supported Argentina’s president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner when she defaulted on her debts in 2014, investors like Paul Singer who refused to settle with Argentina were outraged by his public comments.

Bass was interviewed by recently, and he said his drug coalition was going to help lower the cost of prescription drugs. But the impetus for that coalition is more about Bass making money shorting drug company stocks than helping people get affordable drugs. Mr. Bass isn’t the investment genius he was eight years ago, but people are still listening to him.  Despite articles like Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler exposing the reality of his life.

George Soros Offers Solution to the Immigrant Crisis in Europe

In a recent article in CNBC on, George Soros warned of the possible destruction of the European Union. He felt that the immigrant crisis has reached a tipping point throughout Europe, especially in the border countries of Turkey and Greece. Read the entire article here: Your text to link…

George Soros is a man who knows the immigration problems first-hand; born in Hungary, George Soros’ country was occupied by German forces during the early stages of the Second World War. Then the Russian Communist forces took control of the country from Germany as Allied Forces began to take control of the European theater. George Soros as a boy was fortunate to be able to migrate from Hungary to Great Britain.

Soros knows of Fascist, Communist and Constitutional Monarchist forms of governments. He completed his knowledge of different governments on by moving to the United States of America. It was here that he began his investing career, which has lead to his enormous success and the start of his philanthropy.

Before social reforms were implemented in America, England, and Europe, immigrants were looked upon as a necessary ingredient in a country’s economic success. The immigrants would work, happily, at low paying jobs and their efforts would add force to a growing, productive economy. Now social programs benefitting the poor and indigent are strained to the breaking point whenever immigrants flock to a foreign country’s shore.

George Soros’s solution is the influx of the equivalent of $34 billion every year to handle the immigrant crisis. He goes on to say that Europe must use its AAA ratings to borrow sufficient monies to manage the crisis. The additional monies would be used to absorb the immigrants into the European economy.

George Soros also states that the unity of all the countries of the European Union is necessary and voluntary. Without immediate and sufficient aid this crisis could lead to violence and the destabilization of countries in Europe.

Soros formed his Open Society Foundation when he had made his fortune and since its founding, he has written and lectured on economic problems around the globe. His insight and intelligence are needed by the world at this juncture in the immigrant crisis.

Learn more about his profile at

Kevin Seawright: Helping Communities Prosper Through Business

One often hears experts say that small businesses drive economic growth by creating new jobs. Then why don’t local politicians and business leaders do more to help people open small businesses? Apparently, some do. On February 5, 2016, Dhiren Shah of Local Talk News, a Newark, New Jersey-based website, interviewed Kevin Seawright about helping small businesses get started and once started, grow to the next level.

Mr. Seawright is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (EDC). The non-profit Newark Community EDC, created by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, is dedicated to helping small businesses for the benefit of revitalizing local Newark communities.

Dhiren Shah asked questions that focused on the new corporation, for example, what is its purpose, where the financing comes from, and how those interested in starting a small business can make contact.

Mr. Seawright explained in WorldClassMagazines as well that The Newark Community EDC began in 2015 as a rebranded version of Brick City Development Corp with the number one goal of helping small businesses throughout Newark. People interested in working with the EDC can contact them by phone or walk into their headquarters. Loan specialists will assess their financial situation and help them understand if they are ready to open.

If the aspiring business has a solid plan, the EDC will assist them with execution, funding, and will provide education on running a business. The staff will focus on critical areas like cost management, accounting, taxes, human resources management, and all other aspects of making the endeavor a success. The goal is helping Newark businesses thrive.

So, who is Kevin Seawright? Mr. Seawright has a Master’s in accounting and for a little over a decade he has been focusing his financial knowledge in both the private and public sector to help improve communities. He has shown an incredible aptitude for strategic vision and practical leadership.

The NCEDC website shows Seawright’s past positions include serving as Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, Payroll Director, Finance Director, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Facilities, and Executive Director of Operations. Along the way Kevin has earned a reputation as someone who get results, works well with everyone, and always leaves what he touches better than it was when he found it.