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Glen Wakeman: A Global Business Expert and Mentor

Glen Wakeman has lived a life as a global leader. Wakeman worked in 32 countries during his 20-year tenure with GE Capital. While employed at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman was promoted to the position of CEO of GE Money Latin America. The organization included 9 countries and produced $12 billion in assets under Glen Wakeman’s leadership. Throughout his career Wakeman lived in six countries which contributed to his recognition in areas such as leadership development, market strategy, capital markets, business transformation, and growth.


Glen Wakeman is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which was established in 2015. As an agent of change, Glen assisted corporations with achieving dramatic change. Glen Wakeman is an author of several blogs and writes on a variety of topics such as investments, entrepreneurship, and start-up success. Wakeman is regarded as the business expert who is credited with assisting the highest performing entrepreneurs. Glen Wakeman develops business strategies for his clients which assist entrepreneurs in leading their markets throughout all business cycles.


Glen Wakeman acts as a role model for new entrepreneurs. The software provided by LanchPad Holdings LLC assists new entrepreneurs with the hands-on aspects of business. Wakeman operates LaunchPad Holdings LLC via a SAAS platform and the corporation obtains clients through online marketing strategies. Glen Wakeman created a ToolKit as a means of reducing the number of business failures in the marketplace. Wakeman communicates to his mentees the importance of reciprocity to create an environment in which a mentor feels encouraged to continue to impart wisdom during a long-term relationship.

Glen Wakeman is highly regarded professionally for his achievements in business, finance, and philanthropy. Glen Wakeman has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Scranton in Economics and Finance. Wakeman has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman has received numerous awards for corporate social responsibility and leadership locally, nationally, and internationally. Wakeman is a known for donating to charities and teaches business executives to support charitable causes. Due to Glen Wakeman’s teachings, business executives recognized the importance of providing charitable support (ChronicleWeek).