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Madison Street Capital is an award winning middle market investment firm located in Chicago, Illinois. With eleven years experience in the industry, the company is dedicated to provision of the best services to the client. Madison Street Company is the holder of the following awards; 2015 M&A Advisor Award Finalist, 2015 M&A Advisor Award Winner, 2016 M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award Winner, 2016 M&A Advisor International M&A Award Winner and 2016 M&A Advisor Award Winner. The company is committed to the following ideals; integrity, leadership, excellence and service.

Madison Street Capital is a company dedicated to providing sound advice to the clients regarding financial decisions. With securing investment funds being harder than it used to be, Madison Street Capital seeks to connect the client to the investor best suited for their unique requirements. Madison Street is adept at providing services at the highest degree of integrity. With the number of investment firms on can trust dwindling as the economy becomes more challenging, Madison Street prides itself in upholding the highest standards of integrity.

The areas of expertise are broadly categorized into; corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, financial opinions, asset management industry focus and wealth preservation and tax planning. With Madison Street being an independent third party, the opinions reflected are purely from an unbiased standpoint. In this regard, the opinions are honest as they are purely for the benefit of the client. Loss of clients is always a possibility as sometimes the opinion expressed may not be what is expected by the client. Madison Street Capital does not condone the practice of gaining business through ego boosting and in this case makes the company an institution of high integrity and sound business practices.

Madison Street Capital consists of individuals with extensive experience in the corporate finance sector. In this respect, trends are recognized and opportunities responded to in a timely manner as the capital market trends shift constantly. The techniques employed by Madison Street Capital are aimed at mutual benefit for all the parties involved. Madison Street Capital also utilizes several deal mechanisms to accommodate both the buyers and sellers. In the Merger and Acquisitions sector, particularly hedge-fund management, transactions are being restructured to accommodate buyers and sellers. This is expected to increase consolidation especially for opportunistic partnerships that bridge distribution to product offering.

With Madison Street Capital, the corporate financial advisory services are provided with the bottom line in mind. The goal for Madison Street Capital is to ensure that the business is preserved and thus the needs of the business as a whole are addressed and not the preferences of any individual. This is done through thorough business analysis based on tried and true techniques to ensure that the set goals are achieved in a timely manner.

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Madison Street Capital Doing Well Providing Hedge Fund and M&A Services

Just recently Madison Street Capital provided the 2016 outlook report for hedge fund M&A. In the report, a total of forty-two hedge fund deals were sealed or announced internationally in 2015 compared to only thirty-two transactions closed in 2014. Also, the transaction volume in 2015 was about 27 percent higher than 2014 as measured by AUM.


According to the report, the hedge fund sector is currently at an all-time high despite the poor performance in most hedge fund approaches in 2015. However, as the hedge fund lags, institutional investors are making more allocations to the alternative asset management industry with the goal of attaining higher returns to match the rising abilities.


Small-scale hedge fund managers are at pains trying to lure new capital; hence they are performing below the required capacity levels. Overall, most managers are incurring higher costs of operations while still facing downward pressure on fees. All these factors are affecting hedge fund managers making them consider other strategic options.


The hedge fund environmental deal was strong a few years back and is even stronger now. Structurally, the company is seeing various transaction mechanisms used to accommodate both sellers and buyers. Apart from the traditional M&A the company is structuring transactions as incubator or seed deals, PE bolt-ons, and revenue-share stakes among others. With such efforts, the highly divided and volatile industry will continue to experience consolidation more so opportunistic investors that join distribution to the product offering.


About Us


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking service provider with an international presence. The company’s reputation and commitment to excellence, integrity, and leadership in offering corporate financial services to private and public companies is commendable. The company uses a global vie approach but also gives emphasis on local business networks and relationships.


The company understands the sensitive nature of this industry; hence, it provides efficient services to all its clients. Madison’s strategy to create corporate finance deals to benefit both the investor and business owners is laudable. The company has an able team of experts loaded with experience, knowledge, and relational skilled customized to match the needs of sellers, buyers, and the concerned financial and capitalization structures across the board.


Madison Street uses tried and tested techniques that reflect experience and expertise in all its dealings. The primary areas of focus include acquisitions, mergers, finance, and marketing, deal structuring, valuation, design and implementation of alternative strategies, and specialized financing among others.


Madison Street Capital reputation is solid in the industry; the company has helped hundreds of businesses to reach their goals. The company’s experience and knowledge on matters of corporate finance and governance place it above the competitors. Madison is an industry leader in offering financial advisory services, valuations, and M&A services. The firm has its offices in North America but with a strong presence in Asia.

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Anthony Marsala Honored with Prestigious Award

Anthony Marsala not only helped to found Madison Capital, but he is now one of the most influential people who work with the company. This means that the company has a great deal of influence from Anthony and that there are many things that he is able to do within the company. He oversees many operations including the day to day and oversea functions of Madison Capital Street. He is always sure that he has the best interests of the company in mind before he makes any decisions regarding the normal operations of the company because he knows that it reflects directly upon him.

The Madison Capital firm is one that has been in business for over 20 years and has been operating successfully since this time. It has an expert team of people who run it and it is able to be among the top companies in the world. Anthony Marsala may be responsible for this, but it has also been the work of many other people that has allowed Madison Capital to skyrocket to the point where they are at today. It is thanks to all of the contributions of people like Anthony that the company is as great as it is.

The NACVA is an organization that works with business professionals and works to find the best ones to recognize. They are often confident in their choices and the people who they use in their programs are some of the best in the industry. For this reason, people who are chosen for the NACVA lists are very honored, prestigious and provide their own companies with the hard work and dedication that it takes for them to succeed. It is important to note that the NACVA does not just choose anyone and that their selection process is very strict.

The 40 under 40 is, perhaps, one of the most prestigious awards that someone can receive from NACVA. This is because the award is only awarded to people who are under the age of 40 and the people must have an excellent track record and background. Anthony Marsala was among the 125 people who were eligible for the award. Among those people, only 40 are chosen to be on the list and they will be able to then include being on the hard-to-earn list as one of the accomplishments that they have achieved during the life of their career.

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Anthony Marsala, Achieving Madison Street Capital Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Marsala is the current Chief Operating Officer of the leading investment bank Madison Street Capital. He was named the winner of the M&A Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award in 2016. It Is after being selected among many other nominees by a panel of business leaders who were the judges.

The award dates back to 2010 when it came as the 40 under 40 awards whose primary goal was to recognize the young professional in finance and young M&A in U.S.

Lately, in 2016, the program has expanded to Europe and the United Kingdom making the young leaders be part of the worldwide network of excellent performance.

Anthony Marsala is one of the Co-founders and the COO of the Madison Street Capital. He has an overwhelming experience of over 15 years in the field of investment banking. He has worked in leveraged finance and also in both buy and sell-side M&A advisory. Marsala is a certified Valuator and Analyst through accreditation by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He also has an honoree name from NACVA, which he got as part of its 2015 program of 40 under forty. He has also had an opportunity of participating in the Crain’s leadership academy Program in 2016.

M&A Advisors are also preparing for other awards to be given out in June with the aim of connecting the new leaders with the old leaders.

Madison Street Capital; It is worldwide investment banking company. It works by giving out financial advice to its clients and also works as an agent during the merging of firms and valuations of businesses for buying and selling. Its customers range from government sectors to private companies around the world.

The company supports humanitarian programs like the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund to make a difference in the society.

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Richard Blair: A Financial Giant’s Insurance Advice To Airbnb Hosts

The share-economy is revolutionizing the way money is made, especially if you have real estate. Air-BnB, for example, is giving property owners an opportunity to rent out their homes to visiting strangers for a few days. Many are considering this as an extra stream of income that can be helpful, especially in this economy. But Richard Dwayne Blair has some words of caution for Air-Bnb hosts regarding home insurance.

Who Is Richard Dwayne Blair?

Richard Dwayne Blair is the sole owner of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair is also an executive in the RIA. Blair has brought his expertise and innovative approach to finances to several companies throughout his 22-year long career. A career that has seen immense success through companies like United Global Securities, Inc.

Blair’s focus for 22 years has been on securities. But his RIA or Wealth Solutions, Inc. has been the highlight of his career. It is based in Austin, Texas and is worth 55M though that number seems to be growing. This is the kind of experience that has caused him to urge caution regarding Air-BnB.

What Does Blair Think About Insurance and Air-Bnb

Blair started to notice just how intricate this sprawling new business could be and how much homeowners are unaware of certain issues that could arise from their small side business. Blair warns that most homeowner’s insurance policies simply will not cover any claim made because of a paid guest or may even cancel a policy if they were not informed.

One of the most important steps that should be taken is informing the homeowner’s insurance company about your dealings with Air-BnB. Perhaps, there is something that could be tweaked or added to your insurance policy to cover any mishaps. This conversation should take place before one starts the Air-BnB business because most homeowner’s insurance policies consider the activity a commercial activity. Commercial activities are mostly excluded from most insurance policy.

Sure, Air-BnB and other similar companies offer some insurance, but Blair warns that it might not be enough.

He pointed out some of the dangers that a homeowner faces when renting his or her property out, which are the following:

  • Injuries that you or your guest may have
  • Damage that can be made to the property
  • Illegal activity that might occur
  • Guest might refuse to pay

Of course, these do not cover all the possible costs, but it is wise to ensure that the homeowner’s insurance reevaluates the policy to accommodate this new stream of income.

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Holistic Retirement Wealth Management by Richard Blair

Richard Blair has been helping clients plan for retirement since 1994. Since he comes from a family of educators and is married to an educator, he believes that education lies at the heart of having a successful retirement plan. He says that too often when people seek out the services of an investment consultant, the consultant is only focused on what they can make in commissions off the client. Instead, he helps clients achieve a holistic approach to retirement because retirement looks different for each individual.

Some people choose to spend their retirement traveling to exotic locations like the Arashimaya Bamboo Forest in Japan or Anghor in Cambodia while others are content to putter around in the backyard at their own paid for home. Some willingly cannot picture a day where they will not at least earn a little bit while others choose to willingly never work another day in their lives. Understanding what a person thinks they want to do during retirement is the first important step in holistic retirement planning.

The next step is to consider all the assets that a person has to help fund their retirement. Just a few of the variables that Richard Blair may consider are estate planning, cash flow statements, net worth statements, savings, asset allocation statements, insurance and the amount of social security and pensions the person expects to receive.

Then, Richard takes time to consider how a person’s dream of retirement compares to their projected available wealth. If the person is a few years from retirement, then he identifies opportunities for building wealth by using conservative investment strategies such as 401ks and IRAs. If a person is close to retirement, then Richard can help a person decide when exactly to retire and help them plan for long-term care if needed. Finally, if the person is already in retirement, Richard can help the individual with estate planning.

Regardless of a person’s age, it is important to start planning for retirement with the right wealth manager. Too many managers simply try to sell the products that will make them the most commissions. Instead, sit down with Richard Blair and let him show you the holistic retirement wealth management approach.

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How To Pick The One Country To Invest In With Martin Lustgarten

Picking the one country that is going to be perfect to invest in is hard unless investors know someone as good as Martin Lustgarten. Mr. Lustgarten has been making sure that people are making money in countries outside the US for a long time, and he knows that there are some people who will not know where to start.

The countries that people pick have a lot of different attributes that will range from their politics to their current economic situation. Some of the people that are investing like they want to cover a lot of countries at once, but Mr. Lustgarten thinks that people should start with just one country when they start their investing. All the investors who have great success will know which countries are more beneficial to them, and that investors who pick the right countries can park their money there for a long time.

There are some other people who think that they need to get better results by making sure that they are investing in something specific in just one country.

There are even more people who have no idea at all what they are going to do to get the results that they want, and it makes more sense for people to ask Mr. Lustgarten what he thinks they should do. He does a lot of advising, and he makes sure that he will give people the best advice possible when he talks to them. Nothing can be very effective unless investors get the right advice, and Mr. Lustgarten is the perfect person to go to for advice. He is also someone who knows that he is going to make the right choices more often than not.

The simplicity of his own investing system is such that people will be able to get the results that they want, and they will be able to live on profits that come from international investments or commodities. Lustgarten also is involved with a Gofundme campaign to help animals.

The Professional Responsibilities of Investment Banker and CEO Martin Lustgarten

Investment bankers are professional financial advisers for corporations that basically spend their career seeking ways to help others earn more money. Typically employed by financial institutions, they look for methods of raising capital for other businesses, charitable organizations or the government. This is a high-profile financial career that requires the banker to be extremely knowledgeable about the market in the country where they are based, as well as around the world.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker and CEO from Florida has been working for years to help businesses define their goals and seek ways to achieve them. He personally educates his clients on the value of certain investments and educates them about the value of securities and stock options. He has not only worked to help his clients to achieve financial success, he has spent time attempting to educate the public about how investment banking works and what people should expect from the services of this type of professional. His Tumblr account will reflect these interests and endeavors.
As a CEO, Lustgarten has overseen numerous investment endeavors for clients involved in a variety of industries. He enjoys having the ability to seek out new opportunities and research the histories of each company that he is hired to assist. In addition to his lengthy successful financial career, Martin Lustgarten is also an avid world traveler, accomplished juggler and expert in vintage timepieces.