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Doe Deere and Her Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Doe Deere is clearly a leader when it comes to cosmetics. She is helping a lot of women that may have never thought that they could improve upon their makeups and nail polish. Doe Deere has been quite a interesting person when it comes to creating a lot of different styles and accentuating her style with her products. Right now everyone is starting to talk about the hair dye that is making it easier for women to match their collection of lipstick shades. Learn more:


Doe Deere has put together some waterproof shades of lipstick along with as many as 21 different shades of vegan semi-permanent dye for hair. People that are interested in the Unicorn hair are typically going to be the ones that have become acquainted with the Lime Crime Velveteen shades. Learn more:


Doe Deere has managed to gain quite an audience when it comes to powerful cosmetic products. She sells a lot of bundles and some of the best sellers are the California Love and Venus bundles.


Doe Deere has definitely made it easier for women to find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to zany colors and a wide assortment of products that are of the highest quality. The thing that has made people notice that these are such high quality products is the Leaping Bunny certification. Learn more:


Doe Deere has stated that her products do not contain any animal ingredients or by products that would include things like beeswax. She has also stated that her products are not tested on animals. For the young socially conscious generation that is trying to help prevent animal abuse this is definitely something that they take interest in. Students are also going to take interest in this brand of cosmetics because it presents them with the option of getting student discounts. This is why there is a lot of love among young adults with the cosmetic products that are sold by Doe Deere.


She has definitely become masterful in what she is doing, and people are getting a kick out of the way that she creates her videos where she talks about applying this makeup. Doe Deere has also become a fan of tweeting about new shades and products that she offers. This is something that helps her stay connected with all of her fans of the eyeshadow unicorn makeup, hair color and lipstick that is sold through her company. Learn more:

Lime Crime


Julia Jackson: An Amazing Woman

There are many interesting facts to know about Julia Jackson. Julia is the youngest daughter of wine legend Jess Jackson and grew up in the wine business. She received her Bachelor of Arts/Studio Arts from Scripps College and her General Management Certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Not only is she the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines but she also works with the community. She plays a big part in an organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This nonprofit organization celebrates women who have overcome hardships in their lives and they are inspiring other people in their communities to be strong and overcome their hardships too. The organization donates $100,000 in cash grants to other nonprofit organizations that have the same values of equality, community, and spirit. While Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Julia believes that it’s the best place to get Cabranet. The Jackson family produces many brands with their company. They produce wines in North America, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, and South Africa. Just a few of the brands they produce are: Alcance, Byron, and Capensis.

Not only are the Jackson family passionate about wine and wine making but they are passionate about their community and helping people. They are all around a great company and the entire family is great as well!

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Eva Moskowitz: An Education System Perfectionist

Eva Moskowitz attended The Johns Hopkins University where she attained a Ph.D. in American History. She is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She is a profound philanthropist with strong views about how social issues should be run especially on children matters focusing on the education sector. She has previously worked as a history lecturer at different universities across New York.


From her elementary school years, she felt that the education system was failing and that there was a need for change. Having been raised in a challenging background, she also felt the plight of the poor citizens who so much wanted their kids to receive a quality education. It is for this reason that she won the Educational Committee Chair seat in the New York City Council. Eva Moskowitz also had the ambition of running for Mayor of New York.


Later on, Eva Moskowitz took it upon herself to develop the education system she dreamed of and founded the Success Academy Charter Schools in 2006. The school which she started with just 165 children has since grown to become a reputable school across New York. It currently schools more than 11,000 children in 34 schools across New York. The applications from parents who wish for their children to join the school are way more than the school can accommodate, a reason Eva Moskowitz says that they still have a long way to go.


Eva Moskowitz developed a system whereby children learn the basic subjects required by the state with the incorporation of chess classes, sports, and much debate. Eva Moskowitz argues that children must be challenged to learn since their minds are easy to ‘manipulate’ hence, they must be given ‘hard’ tasks to enable them to think and be creative on their own.


The teaching system developed by Eva Moskowitz seems to be working well. This is because students from the school score higher than most of their peers in a yearly test that is conducted to assess their knowledge.



How Helane Morrison has been Ensuring Compliance in Companies.

Helane Morrison has been working in the legal sector for more than three decades. She has spent all her career in San Francisco and has worked for private as well as government organizations. Her service to the Securities and Exchange Commission was the longest. She joined it in 1996 and held different offices. Morrison was based at the San Francisco District office, and one of the roles that she played was being the enforcement programs’ director. She headed several investigations and uncovered illegal activities that were in leading companies such as New York’s Republic Securities, Hewlett-Packard, NextCard, Inc, and the Dean Witter. Her work at the enforcement office was highly acknowledged, and she was appointed to be the chief of the San Francisco District.


As the head of the San Francisco District, Morrison supervised all the SEC activities in the North Western States. These included examination and enforcement activities that were conducted in Oregon, North Nevada, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. The San Francisco District is part of the Pacific Region’s offices. David Bayles was the head of the district before Helane took over. He served the office for five years and later left the SEC to work at the Morrison & Foerster law firm.


Only a few female attorneys have managed to reach great career heights like Morrison. Women who have been SEC district chiefs include Carmen Lawrence, Mary Keefe, and Valerie Capron. Helane served the office well and doubled the number of employees at San Francisco’s examination and enforcement departments. The two sections work together whereby the examinations unit scrutinizes records of financial organizations while the enforcement division conducts correctional measures according to the analysts’ reports.


The private sector career of Helane Morrison was also successful. She was employed by Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, where she served as an attorney from 1986 to 1996. Morrison’s roles included offering legal services during company litigations, private corporate investigations, and lawsuits that dealt with securities. Other clients who hired her as a lawyer included SEC investigators, companies that had class action cases, and stock traders who were involved in arbitrations. She was also a law clerk at the U.S Supreme Court and U.S Court of Appeal. Morrison presently serves the Hall Capital Partners and has been devoted to ensuring the corporations comply with the laws that govern securities. She is a graduate of the University of Columbia, where she got her degree in law.