Changing The Phone Service Game With FreedomPop

If you have yet to hear about FreedomPop then this articles comes in good timing. Most phone network services lock you down in a contract after running a credit check to see if you will be able to finance one of their phones. So you are not only paying for your phone bill but paying off the phone itself as well. That is definitely not the case over at FreedomPop.

FreedomPop offers a promotion of free data when you buy one of their phones and they have many budget friendly options available. It is technically a one month free trial and once it is over you can switch your plan at absolutely no cost. You can receive 200MB of data for free or you can pay $10 for 500MB. Either way it is way more cost effective than leading cell phone service providers.

When this Los Angeles based company first started the data coverage was only available on networks in the United Kingdom and United States but since then FreedomPop has come a mighty long way.

They just raised a total of a $109 million to expedite the growth of their data coverage. More countries from Asia, South America, and Europe will be added to the fold so customers will not have to worry about their phone service working while traveling. FreedomPop’s main goal is to provide free internet access around the globe. They see it as a right, not a privilege. Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s COO and co-founder, says that this new financing is most assuredly going to help them reach their goal. They’ll be one of the Top 10 global service providers and all while keeping the customers budget in mind.

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