Does WEN by Chaz Dean Really Work for Fine Hair?

A question that most women with fine hair find them asking – will X product work for my hair? In a week-long experiment, Emily McClure tested out popular haircare brand WEN hair to see if the product’s cleansing conditioner would really work on fine hair.

WEN by Chaz Dean is a cleansing conditioner. The sephora sold product is meant to be a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment in an all-in-one bottle for all types of hair.

The product called on amazon for what Emily referred to as “actual insanity” in terms of recommended amount. She used the minimal amount recommended, ten pumps, while worrying that it might weigh her hair down, a common worry among those with fine hair.

However, after working the Wen hair product into her hair in the shower, she claimed it felt as if her hair had actually become thicker. She also noticed that none of her strands were falling out as she cleansed her hair, another common worry among people with fine hair.

In the morning though, she noticed that her roots had become greasy, a problem that normally did not occur with regular shampooing.

She also noted how soft WEN made her hair, and at an outing with her friends on day six, they commented on how shiny her hair looked, which was a definite “confidence booster”.

Emily concluded on day seven that WEN hair by Chaz Dean was a wonderful product for those girls who shower and style in the morning. She also noted that she would be reaching for the WEN on days when she desired a little extra shine in her locks.


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