George Soros Offers Solution to the Immigrant Crisis in Europe

In a recent article in CNBC on, George Soros warned of the possible destruction of the European Union. He felt that the immigrant crisis has reached a tipping point throughout Europe, especially in the border countries of Turkey and Greece. Read the entire article here: Your text to link…

George Soros is a man who knows the immigration problems first-hand; born in Hungary, George Soros’ country was occupied by German forces during the early stages of the Second World War. Then the Russian Communist forces took control of the country from Germany as Allied Forces began to take control of the European theater. George Soros as a boy was fortunate to be able to migrate from Hungary to Great Britain.

Soros knows of Fascist, Communist and Constitutional Monarchist forms of governments. He completed his knowledge of different governments on by moving to the United States of America. It was here that he began his investing career, which has lead to his enormous success and the start of his philanthropy.

Before social reforms were implemented in America, England, and Europe, immigrants were looked upon as a necessary ingredient in a country’s economic success. The immigrants would work, happily, at low paying jobs and their efforts would add force to a growing, productive economy. Now social programs benefitting the poor and indigent are strained to the breaking point whenever immigrants flock to a foreign country’s shore.

George Soros’s solution is the influx of the equivalent of $34 billion every year to handle the immigrant crisis. He goes on to say that Europe must use its AAA ratings to borrow sufficient monies to manage the crisis. The additional monies would be used to absorb the immigrants into the European economy.

George Soros also states that the unity of all the countries of the European Union is necessary and voluntary. Without immediate and sufficient aid this crisis could lead to violence and the destabilization of countries in Europe.

Soros formed his Open Society Foundation when he had made his fortune and since its founding, he has written and lectured on economic problems around the globe. His insight and intelligence are needed by the world at this juncture in the immigrant crisis.

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