Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car In Developing Innovative And Quality Railcars For Canpotex

Canpotex chose National Steel car to manufacture 700 new railcars. The railcars will be specially designed to transport potash to coastal ports. The investment is valued at $70 million. Canpotex is National steel car’s major client, having invested over $500 million to build more than 7,000 railcars with the firm. Canpotex has built a strong reputation within the 43 years it has supplied potash.


National Steel Car, under the leadership of its CEO Gregory James Aziz, has continued to design innovative and quality railcars for Canpotex. The railcars are designed to meet the specific properties of potash. The innovative designs have enabled Canpotex to optimize the number of tones per railcar and maximize the railcars per unit train.


The company has thus increased its efficiency to over 90 percent and reduced greenhouse emissions significantly. By trusting National Steel Car to fabricate its railcars, Canpotex has realized great success, with its most recent being it’s doubling up of annual rail shipments without additional trains in 2000. The $70 million investment by Canpotex in railcars will see the Canadians benefit from increased exports of Saskatchewan potash.


While responding to the news, Greg James Aziz stated that he was proud of their client-relations with Canpotex. Aziz admitted to having had a 20-year working history. During this period, James Aziz believes that National Steel Car has surpassed their client’s needs by offering quality railcars at competitive prices. Aziz appreciated the trust that Canpotex had shown over the years towards his company. He added that the order would secure about seven months of employment for over 400 employees of National Steel Car. See This Page to learn more.



Gregory J Aziz


Aziz is the CEO, chairman and president of National Steel Car. He was born on Ontario, London in 1949. When he left college, Aziz helped his family manage a wholesale food business. During this time, Greg gained business experience that was instrumental in establishing and running his own firm.


After leaving his family business, Aziz worked on various banking opportunities in New York between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. In 1994, Greg successfully managed to arrange for the purchase of National Steel Car. At this point, Greg Aziz believed that he could transform the company into a leading railcar manufacturer in North America, a goal he has since achieved. Since its purchase, the company has grown significantly. It has expanded from producing 3,500 cars annually to 3,500 cars by 1999. It also had increased employee capacity from 600 to about 3,000 employees in 1999.



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