Having The Right Mindset For Investing As Explained By Igor Cornelsen

If you’ve really not invested seriously before, knowing where to invest and what to invest in can be tricky. Luckily, there are people out there like Igor Cornelsen who have a deep knowledge of the stock market, investment banking and good money management practices. Cornelsen was a portfolio advisor for some of Brazil’s wealthiest clients and an aide to the government’s economic authority, but now he spends time investing for just personal reasons, giving tips on investing to others and taking up other activities like golf during his day. Investing doesn’t have to be a complex system according to Igor Cornelsen. It’s about what you’re willing to research and your mindset in undertaking it.

One thing Cornelsen emphasizes over and over again is that investing is not a path to get rich quick. It’s a tool for building a future that means putting your money in stocks or other funds and letting it gain interest over many years. Cornelsen says you should get to know who’s managing your investments as well as the company you invest in because the track record of each can impact your investment’s performance. And also buying multiple small stocks or mutual funds is usually better than making one big investment.

Igor Cornelsen has shared information on foreign investments and he says if you want to pick a country that has an abundance of opportunities, Brazil is a great choice. There are some aspects about investing in Brazil that you have to be aware of such as tightened government regulations in the aftermath of the Roussef administration, but there are ways to navigate them. One way to get started making good Brazilian investments is to get to know people from there because Cornelsen says they usually are outgoing and are happy to give foreigners a few pointers. He also says to do business with banks that deal in foreign exchange because that may make a difference in getting a high return on your investment.


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