Holistic Retirement Wealth Management by Richard Blair

Richard Blair has been helping clients plan for retirement since 1994. Since he comes from a family of educators and is married to an educator, he believes that education lies at the heart of having a successful retirement plan. He says that too often when people seek out the services of an investment consultant, the consultant is only focused on what they can make in commissions off the client. Instead, he helps clients achieve a holistic approach to retirement because retirement looks different for each individual.

Some people choose to spend their retirement traveling to exotic locations like the Arashimaya Bamboo Forest in Japan or Anghor in Cambodia while others are content to putter around in the backyard at their own paid for home. Some willingly cannot picture a day where they will not at least earn a little bit while others choose to willingly never work another day in their lives. Understanding what a person thinks they want to do during retirement is the first important step in holistic retirement planning.

The next step is to consider all the assets that a person has to help fund their retirement. Just a few of the variables that Richard Blair may consider are estate planning, cash flow statements, net worth statements, savings, asset allocation statements, insurance and the amount of social security and pensions the person expects to receive.

Then, Richard takes time to consider how a person’s dream of retirement compares to their projected available wealth. If the person is a few years from retirement, then he identifies opportunities for building wealth by using conservative investment strategies such as 401ks and IRAs. If a person is close to retirement, then Richard can help a person decide when exactly to retire and help them plan for long-term care if needed. Finally, if the person is already in retirement, Richard can help the individual with estate planning.

Regardless of a person’s age, it is important to start planning for retirement with the right wealth manager. Too many managers simply try to sell the products that will make them the most commissions. Instead, sit down with Richard Blair and let him show you the holistic retirement wealth management approach.

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