How Eliminating Achievement Gap Has Become a Game-Changer for Rocketship Education

Starting Off

Early 2007, Rocketship Education launched an ambitious mission of building a strong public elementary school network that could traverse the whole country just to get rid of the achievement gap. As it started, there were a lot of happenings as far as public education was concerned, key among them was the target reforms in ensuring that gaps in achievement could get reduced starting from the lowest level of education: elementary school. Ten years later, 90 percent of the African American students cannot reach math proficiency in their 8th grade, as poor 25 students in fourth grade are Latinos. Such figures were worrying to the system until the whole system was subject to a rethinking. That in getting rid of the achievement gap, the elementary school could be thought from the ground up. The achievement gap has been an important step in improving the quality.

Supporting Teachers

The Rocketship Education has since premised the realization of this fete on promoting and developing a breed of excellent teachers. Another model is makin learning more personal and student-centered and lastly, engaging parents. From these fronts, the system been nurtured to a stage where Rocketship boasts of coverage of four regions, 11 elementary schools and 6,000 Rocketeers have undergone the system. Following a smooth growth phase, the focus now shifts to the sustainability phase that requires that the same focus is to grow deeper instead of growing wider.

The Notable Achievements

With this strategy has Rocketship assumed a robust overall success where Rocketeers outside California alone have made significant academic progress that features the schools performing in the top tier of school that serves English-learning and low-income communities? The efforts have never stopped at that since Rocketship teachers have continued to collaborate with other stakeholders in pursuing excellence. The parents in our institutions have also affirmed the continual transformational outcomes through their significant efforts to engaging both the school and their immediate society in providing the best learning environments for the students. Even as eliminating achievement gap remains the ultimate goal, sustainability and solidifying the cumulative gains remains the priority and gives the road map to that particular goal.


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