Humanitarian and Technology Organization

Securus Technologies, which is a giant in the information technology industry, has recently seen a slight tarnishing to its reputation through baseless accusations. GTL, another corporation within the industry, has made claims on the internet that Securus Technologies has been operating under expired patent codes for a number of its products. After further research has been done by Securus and several of its third party allies, it has been proven that these claims are untrue and that Securus still maintains a hold on the products it has worked hard to create and present to the world.



Securus Technologies offers communication solutions and security software to the United States prison system. Their clients are primarily incarcerated individuals; inmates who currently reside within the prisons and jails. These individuals often times have difficulty communicating openly with their family members and loved ones on the outside, and Securus attempts to bridge these gaps by developing reliable forms of communication to meet their needs. One such product is a downloadable application for Apple and Android devices that makes it possible for inmates to communicate through WiFi signals with their loved ones using a video chat interface. This program allows family members to avoid long security check lines, as well as the time it takes them to normally drive to the prison to see their loved one.


The services that Securus Technologies brings to these unfortunate people is mind blowing, and labels them not only as a technology company but also as a humanitarian organization. Thanks to their research and removal of baseless accusations Securus can continue to do business as normal, providing incredible levels of support to their customers, who are usually people who receive little support from any one else.


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