Kevin Seawright: Helping Communities Prosper Through Business

One often hears experts say that small businesses drive economic growth by creating new jobs. Then why don’t local politicians and business leaders do more to help people open small businesses? Apparently, some do. On February 5, 2016, Dhiren Shah of Local Talk News, a Newark, New Jersey-based website, interviewed Kevin Seawright about helping small businesses get started and once started, grow to the next level.

Mr. Seawright is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (EDC). The non-profit Newark Community EDC, created by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, is dedicated to helping small businesses for the benefit of revitalizing local Newark communities.

Dhiren Shah asked questions that focused on the new corporation, for example, what is its purpose, where the financing comes from, and how those interested in starting a small business can make contact.

Mr. Seawright explained in WorldClassMagazines as well that The Newark Community EDC began in 2015 as a rebranded version of Brick City Development Corp with the number one goal of helping small businesses throughout Newark. People interested in working with the EDC can contact them by phone or walk into their headquarters. Loan specialists will assess their financial situation and help them understand if they are ready to open.

If the aspiring business has a solid plan, the EDC will assist them with execution, funding, and will provide education on running a business. The staff will focus on critical areas like cost management, accounting, taxes, human resources management, and all other aspects of making the endeavor a success. The goal is helping Newark businesses thrive.

So, who is Kevin Seawright? Mr. Seawright has a Master’s in accounting and for a little over a decade he has been focusing his financial knowledge in both the private and public sector to help improve communities. He has shown an incredible aptitude for strategic vision and practical leadership.

The NCEDC website shows Seawright’s past positions include serving as Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, Payroll Director, Finance Director, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Facilities, and Executive Director of Operations. Along the way Kevin has earned a reputation as someone who get results, works well with everyone, and always leaves what he touches better than it was when he found it.

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