Louis Chenevert Continues to Shape UTC’s Landscape with His Legacy

Canadian businessman, Louis Chenevert, is widely recognized as one of the foremost businessmen of his generation, riding a wave of success in every company in which he held a post. As the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, a company involved in nearly every aspect of the production of high tech products, Mr. Chenevert, played an instrumental role in bringing to company into worldwide prominence. Before joining United Technologies Corporation, of which he was elected Chairman in 2006, Mr. Chenevert spent 14 years building a career at General Motors, as well as with Pratt and Whitney Canada, where he was elected President after only six years. While Louis Chenevert stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation in December of 2014, his constant forward-thinking, and ability to take the company to the next level, leaves behind a strong legacy that nearly anyone would be hard-pressed to duplicate. During his tenure at UTC, Mr. Chenevert was able to increase the company’s status on the market under the less-than-ideal circumstances presented by the recession, as well as the mega-deal created that resulted in the acquisition of powerhouse, Goodrich.

One of the major contributors to the continued success of Louis Chenevert, particularly during his time at United Technologies Corporation, was his insistence that the company consistently invest in the latest technologies available while keeping the whole of his employees educated on the company’s current procedures. Gregory Hayes, the current CEO of United Technologies Corporation, has picked up soundly where Mr. Chenevert left off, emphasizing the belief that a CEO should leave the company better than it was when he first stepped in. In order to ensure that this done, the CEO should always emphasize investing in innovation, as well as in the people who keep the cogs turning. Investing in new and innovative products, as well as in the education of the people working for the company, helps to create the foundation for future success, especially considering the economic surges and rises in job opportunity. Mr. Chenevert always believed that an educated workforce would help to keep the flow of innovation, continuous, and if his legacy is any indication, he was correct in his mantra.

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