The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the mythical form of Judaism; Kabbalah refers to the Jewish mysticism that dates back to the era of the second Temple, which is approximately four centuries before the coming of Jesus Christ. For many years now, Kabbalah religion has been in existence as a carefully guarded oral tradition even before it was systemized and dispersed in the middle ages and times. The worldview of the Kabbalists was expressed in the Yalkut Re’uveni in 1960 by Reuben Hoeshke. It has also made its way into the books of prayer, ethics and modern customs.

The Kabbalah focus was implemented in simultaneous immanence and transcendence of God, which was described in the terms of a sefirot, or the attributes of God. In general, ten sefirot are pure emanations from God in which he used in the creation of the universe. Ever one of the sefirot has a correspondence in the life of a human being. Revelation and speculation can better understand the hidden aspects of God and the relationship he has with humankind. Also, the other dark side of God ca as well be the feminine side of God. This is the complement of the external side of the Tanach. The female aspect of God is also called the Shekhinah which refers to the divine presence that is associated with light in the traditional way.

In addition to the exceptional and outstanding insight of to the divine and modern Kabbalah that includes the astrology teachings, magic, and numerology and it also incorporates the eastern ideas like the Chakras and the auras. In Hebrew, it was something that was formed from the infinite light and being and has intrinsic holiness and meaning. A symbol of spiritual reality is defined by each letter. There are twenty-two letters in total that are divided further into three groups by the Kabbalists. The three are the symbols of the primordial elements.

The Kabbalah Centre International is a nonprofit company that has its headquarters in Loa Angeles, California that provides Kabbalistic and Zohar teachings and online and through its city-based regional centers and worldwide study groups.

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How Sam Tabar Rose Through the Ranks to Chief Operating Officer

When you think of the word success in the financial world, the name Sam Tabar will always be near the top of that list. He showed the world that with dedication and a commitment to higher learning, you can rise up the ranks from the bottom tiers in the fund management industry to chief operating officer. He excelled in college, he excelled in his early positions in the financial district, and everything he touches seems to turn to gold.

To get a better understanding of how Sam Tabar became a global success in the financial world, you need to take a look at how his unique journey started. He first landed the position as a capital strategist for Merrill Lynch, helping fund managers to work with endowments, family offices, pensions, and foundations. He was extremely instrumental on building front and back office teams while consulting on legal operations.

Even before he was a well-known name at the bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar was co-head in charge of marketing for the Sparx Group. This is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in all of Asia Pacific. During his time working for this company, Tabar was instrumental in just about every aspect of the global marketing efforts.

Sam Tabar also has a very long career in the law industry. Mr. Tabar has worked as a highly accomplished lawyer at both Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom and the law firm Schulte, Roth & Zabel.

Mr. Tabar got his start on his meteoric rise through the ranks in the financial world by working hard at his college education. Currently, Mr. Tabar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford, and he also went to Columbia and received his Masters of Law. Sam Tabar went on to then work as the editor of Columbia Business Law Journal.

Today, Sam Tabar is a member of the state bar in New York state.

His past dedication to his career has lead him to some unique opportunities. As private investor, he identified the potential in the upcoming company SheThinx.   This even inspired him to create a GoFundMe to continue giving to charity.

Success From a Vision

Success typically starts with a vision. The vision doesn’t necessarily have to be grand. It can be something small like helping someone move what he needs to his new place. However, Bernardo Chua had a grand vision. His vision involves bringing greater health to people. This vision was inspired by his love for ganoderma. He understood the type of health benefits that could come from this herb. As he came to understand the benefits, he has developed a desire to bring this herb to other countries throughout the world. This vision has resulted in the founding of the company, Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has started off as an employee in the Philippines like many people do. He has used the skills and the experience he has gained from his job in order to put together something that is going to be successful. He has studied and developed a lot of business skills and strategies in order to build a successful company that is meant to bring forth something unique throughout the globe. He has also used a lot of skills in marketing in order to help spread awareness of such a new product. His company would grow from only three employees to a worldwide enterprise.

He has utilized the help of independent distributors in order to bring the product to people throughout different countries. His company has proven to be a success because of the health that it brings people through the coffee beverage. Organo Gold coffee has brought forth a greater sense of wellness to consumers. Bernardo Chua has began expanding his company because of the success that he has experienced with his product. He has also won awards with his company. Among the most significant acts that he has carried out with his company is expanding it to Turkey, the country that housed the first coffeehouse.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @OGBernie, and keep informed of what Bernardo is doing next by reading the BitsyLink article on his success.

Don Ressler Launches Fabletics New FL2 Line for Men

Don Ressler, previous owner and founder of FitnessHeaven, an online sports-wear enterprise introduced its new Fabletics FL2 men′s line, in 2015. Don Ressler has always had an interest in fitness, and with the help of business partner, Adam Goldenberg started Fabletics. After selling FitnessHeaven in 2011 to Intemix Media, the entrepreneurs established JustFab and two years later launched Fabletics under the brand. In the beginning, Fabletics offered athletic and casual wear to women only. During an interview with Brandettes, Don Ressler shares his inspiration behind Fabletics and the FL2 men′s line.

Fabletics became a business venture after Ressler collaborated with Kate Hudson. He saw a magnificent opportunity working with Ms. Hudson on the active wear brand to offer economical, modish, comfortable, and versatile athletic gear. Last year, Fabletics introduced FL2, a line that contains tops and bottoms for men. When asked about the launching of the men′s line during an interview with Brandettes, Ressler said the clothes can be worn playing sports, coaching, or as casual wear. He also said the clothing was produced using quality fabrics and high performance technology.

Since the launch of Fabletics in 2013, the brand has entered global markets and expanded its fashion line. Don Ressler is thrilled to team with Long Jump and Triple Jump Olympic Medalist, Will Claye. Mr. Claye is working with FL2 to deliver active menswear to customers at Fabletics ecommerce and retail stores. Within three years of the online store launch, Fabletics has expanded to Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and Canada. One year after the FL2 launch, the line for men has reached The Netherlands and Spain.

Fabletics offers customers the options of becoming a VIP member or a guest. As a VIP member, customers receive up to 50 percent off retail prices for their athletic menswear and womens wear. Free shipping is offered on the first order as a VIP member and future purchases over $49. Mr. Don Ressler and Fabletics are promoting a $25 promotion on Fabletics and FL2 outfits, plus free shipping when customers join VIP. With every purchase, members earn reward points to receive free merchandise.

VIP membership comes with the benefit of savings, future free outfits, and low cost athletic wear. Select from thousands of styles for men and women in most sizes, ranging from extra-small up to extra-extra-large. Create your personalized style profile online to begin the membership process or visit one of the six retail locations in the United States.



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That Extra Soothing Comfort Women Want

Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It is so versatile as a beauty ingredient and can be used daily as body butter, lip balm, healing salve and a facial cream. Shea butter continues to bring softness and healing to our skin at any place on our body.

Women love shea butter but so do men. They use it on their dry places and even to soften their beard. They want their beard to be soft and easily kept. They just don’t talk about how great it feels. So ladies, when your man is using your shea butter, get him some of his own. You’ll be amazed how great his skin can feel.

Eu-Genia means origin of goodness in Greek. We know it as the go-to company for all varieties of shea butter. In 1999, the founder Naa-Sakle Akuete started making the family secret shea butter recipe used for her grandmother’s (Grandma Sunshine) midwifery practice, according to their website

Involving the community and providing them a living led to the success in her business. It was partnering with pickers from female cooperatives, paying more than market prices. She then invested in her business and trained others in offering organic and financial training. She gave back to her community, which in return help support her business.

EuGenia Akuete started her business following in her mother’s footsteps by offering shea butter globally. Now you can order and know that some of your money will be used to help communities to survive on their own.

EuGenia Shea offers three types of this elegant product. Everyday shea, Pregnancy shea, and Dermatological shea. With the beneficial qualities of raw shea butter but the convenience of a cream that easily used every day.

Triggering Business Growth and Development of Ideas With Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American based entrepreneur and venture capitalist who believes success is not a matter of luck, but a product of planning and effective implementation of ideas.

He does not view himself differently from anyone and he believes anyone willing to challenge the status quo is bound to discover amazing things that can change the lives of many.

He has been encouraging young individuals who hold dreams like his to implement their ideas because fear of the unseen only keeps one’s doors shut for success. He is also an author and his book They Can’t Eat You has sold many copies on Amazon.

Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a program created by Marc Sparks and Lynne Sapiora to offer an innovative platform that seeks to get ideas from social service executives to help inspire social success.

To join the program, you should apply through their online portal before July 15, 2016. This is a competition of some sort and Marc Sparks has assured interested individuals their applications will be handled by a special committee to choose the ideas with the strongest points and capability to impact positively.

Among organizations eligible to apply include those dealing with human services, arts and animal services. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

Political action committees, faith based initiatives and charities are, however, not eligible for this program.

Only faith based organizations that are not inclined to religious purposes will be eligible for the program. Basically, it is a call that will help to bring positive change.

Published works

In 2014, Marc Sparks published his book titled They Can’t Eat You. The book tells about his struggles and successes and highlights how being an average ‘C’ student in high school inspired him to embrace entrepreneurship.

He offers motivation to anyone who is struggling with making the first step in the world of business by highlighting his own experiences and how he overcame the challenges. Read more: @msparks5010

His book is available on major online retailers like Amazon and in book stores in hardback and paperback.

One of the factors that Marc Sparks cites to have helped him achieve his success is discipline and maintaining ethics. He boasts of an infectious character that will influence those around him easily to follow his never-say-die attitude.


Giving back to the society is also a part of Marc Sparks and he has held this goal since the day he entered into the business world. He works with the Samaritan Inn based in Dallas, which offers shelter to the homeless and he derives happiness in giving back to the society.

Marc Sparks has also financed the construction of homes for Humanity and he strongly supports the American Can! Academy, an integrated high school magnet program.

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“Making a Difference and Following Through” -A Glimpse At Dick Devos

Dick Devos is a man of many accomplishments as both an entrepreneur and a business man. He has achieved so much possibly in part due to the legacy that his father set for him and his brothers as the founder of a private and very profitable Amway Corporation. Growing up in a home full of business ventures and financial achievements it is no surprise that Mr. Devos not only went on to create his own company, The Windquest Group, but he also took his family’s business to new heights. He is credited with making Amway a truly global company with it’s hands in over 50 countries and 6 continents. Some of Mr. Devos’ other achievements include being president and CEO of The Orlando Magic basketball team as well as running for governor of Michigan in 2006. This man of Dutch descent, is married to Betsy Devos, originally Elisabeth Prince, the child of a business owner. Betsy’s father was an industrialist who owned the company Prince Corporation. The couple married in the 1980’s and have four children and one grandchild.

One of Dick Devos‘ most notable business prospects is undoubtedly his own corporation, The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group has been described as an investment management firm that participates in technological and manufacturing industries. One such environmentally prone project of the group was entitled “Green Machine.” Mr. Devos explained that from the very beginning his company was interested in investments that were “environmentally sound and economically sustainable.” The Green Machine in particular works to produce electricity out of waste energy.

Another notable business prospect for Mr. Devos would be his father’s corporation, Amway and it’s umbrella companies. Being the intelligent business person that he is, Mr. Devos not only advanced his father’s company to a global status as mentioned previously, but he also saw the potential to form additional companies from Amway. Alticor was created in 2000 as the parent company of Amway to prevent it from closing it’s doors. When Mr. Devos left Amway in 2002 the company made $4.5 million in sales.

Mr. Devos is currently the president of his company, The Windquest Group. He is worth an estimated $5.1 billion dollars and is ranked as one of America’s richest individuals.

Anthony Marsala Honored with Prestigious Award

Anthony Marsala not only helped to found Madison Capital, but he is now one of the most influential people who work with the company. This means that the company has a great deal of influence from Anthony and that there are many things that he is able to do within the company. He oversees many operations including the day to day and oversea functions of Madison Capital Street. He is always sure that he has the best interests of the company in mind before he makes any decisions regarding the normal operations of the company because he knows that it reflects directly upon him.

The Madison Capital firm is one that has been in business for over 20 years and has been operating successfully since this time. It has an expert team of people who run it and it is able to be among the top companies in the world. Anthony Marsala may be responsible for this, but it has also been the work of many other people that has allowed Madison Capital to skyrocket to the point where they are at today. It is thanks to all of the contributions of people like Anthony that the company is as great as it is.

The NACVA is an organization that works with business professionals and works to find the best ones to recognize. They are often confident in their choices and the people who they use in their programs are some of the best in the industry. For this reason, people who are chosen for the NACVA lists are very honored, prestigious and provide their own companies with the hard work and dedication that it takes for them to succeed. It is important to note that the NACVA does not just choose anyone and that their selection process is very strict.

The 40 under 40 is, perhaps, one of the most prestigious awards that someone can receive from NACVA. This is because the award is only awarded to people who are under the age of 40 and the people must have an excellent track record and background. Anthony Marsala was among the 125 people who were eligible for the award. Among those people, only 40 are chosen to be on the list and they will be able to then include being on the hard-to-earn list as one of the accomplishments that they have achieved during the life of their career.

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Talk Fusion’s Fantastic New Addition

Talk Fusion is a leading company that has a focus on the ins and outs of video marketing. Although Talk Fusion is in Brandon, Florida (not at all far from St. Petersburg and Tampa), it caters to the video marketing needs of many international clients. Talk Fusion’s aim is to give businesses what they need in order to expand. It’s also to improve existence significantly with the aid of key video technology advancements. The Talk Fusion staff is made up of many independent employees. They promote the firm’s offerings in at least 140 distinct nations. Bob Reina is the seasoned mastermind behind Talk Fusion. He set up the business in 2007. Reina is the firm’s hard-working CEO (an abbreviation for “Chief Executive Officer”). Talk Fusion is a noted advertising and marketing business that has a maximum of 50 employees. The firm is privately held.

Talk Fusion informed the planet of its latest offering on May 20th, 2016, a Friday. The company discussed its WebRTC Recorder, a new device that aims to streamline communications practices for clients of Talk Fusion. Some of the convenient and helpful positives of this new recorder include smooth synchronization, rapid playback and instant recording. The company’s CEO Reina noted that Talk Fusion is a pioneer of sorts within the WebRTC technology world. He stated that there are few other firms out there that have already integrated this type of technology into their offerings. Reina also stated that Talk Fusion utilizes WebRTC technology for the majority of its current offerings. Reina indicated, last but not least, that WebRTC technology is excellent for people who are passionate about communication that is 100 percent easy to understand. People who are tired of muddled communication styles may truly want to get behind the technology.

The team at Talk Fusion has many noteworthy areas of expertise. They’re proficient in video newsletters and email, for example. They’re also proficient in moneymaking openings around the world, attentive customer service, live conferences, video chatting, lead capture and more. People looking for dependable and solid video communication assistance can deeply trust the talents on Talk Fusion’s team.

CCMP Capital – CEO Steve Murray sadly passes away

Stephen Murray was the former CCMP Capital CEO who resigned for stated health reason, has recently and sadly passed away. He was the co-founder of CCMP Capital which was a spin off of JPMorgan Chase and Company. He co-founded the company in 2006 and became the CEO in 2007.
CCMP Capital is a very successful global private equity firm that has been in the investment industry since 1984. It is a branch off of many high end investment firms that branched together to form CCMP Capital. The company specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions and operates under four different categories of expertise.

They include consumer and retail, industrial services, healthcare companies and chemicals and energy. The consumer and retail industry has invested $7.6 billion in the companies and specialize in specialty retail, business services, mass channel supply, information services and marketing. The industrial sector includes a $4.1 billion dollar industry that incudes manufacturing, distribution and industrial services.

The third specialized practice that the investment firm exhibits is healthcare services. CCMP Capital has invested $1.6 billion in healthcare companies throughout the years and includes but is not limited to healthcare services, companies that specialize in specialty products, distributors who produce medical products and different payors.

Chemicals and Energy is that last investment sector included in CCMP Capital and it includes chemicals, exploration and production, oilfield service and power.

Stephen Murray was raised in New York City. He attended Boston College where he studies business and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree. He then went on the earn his Master degree in Business Administration from Columbia University.

His career in the investment industry stated in 1984 when he was hired as a credit trainee for a company called Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. From there, he worked for various investment firms that were all connected to one another, and eventually lead to the formation of CCMP Capital. Read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership and CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray

He was also a well known philanthropist that enjoyed giving back to the community and participated in events such as food drives and the Make A Wish Foundation.

He brought many years of expertise to the industry and took pride in what he did. He will most definitely be missed for many years to come, and the partners at CCMP Capital will value the education and techniques that were learned from Mr. Stephen Murray. CCMP Capital will continue to provide quality business to the global markets for many years to come.

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