Out Goes Penn West Petroleum; In Comes Obsidian Energy Ltd

In June 2017, shareholders in Canadian oil giant Penn West Petroleum Ltd approved a proposed name change to Obsidian Energy Ltd. The name change was accompanied by a change of the company’s stock symbol to OBE on the two stock exchanges where it is actively traded in New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.



The name change was the culmination of wide-ranging changes the oil giant had instigated over the past several years. The management revealed that the company would be governed by three major principles. The first of these principles, said company president and chief executive officer David French, would be a disciplined decision-making process, both on technical and commercial issues, to ensure fidelity to enterprise value. The second would be a relentless, persistent and consistent pursuit of progress and innovation while the last one would be a commitment to accountability and transparency, especially to company shareholders, partners and the communities within which they operate.



Mr. David French exuded confidence that Obsidian Energy Ltd stands to benefit from the changes and the transformation that it has undertaken. He held that the company was well positioned to take advantage of the energy market by virtue of having the right assets, a prudent hedging strategy, and a healthy balance sheet. These three factors will be instrumental in allowing Obsidian Energy Ltd to set their performance standard, even though the markets have become increasingly low price, says David French. Refer to This Article for more information about Obsidian.



Obsidian Energy Ltd is based in Calgary in the Canadian state of Alberta. It is a mid-sized oil company which has made a name for itself in the industry for topnotch performance. For a period, it was recognized as one of the 60 largest companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It was a member of the Canadian Royalty Trust, or CANROY for short, in the years six between 2005 and 2011. Obsidian Energy Ltd attained its peak market capitalization in January of 2008 when it recorded 9.5 billion dollars.



Based in one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world, Obsidian Energy Ltd hopes that the name change, and transformation will help it rise to unprecedented levels of success. In a highly dynamic and fast-changing market, the ability for a brand to transform and reinvent itself is one of the most important factors for success, and Obsidian Energy Ltd understands this all too well.


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Gregory Aziz Journey To A Successful Business

Greg J. Aziz happens to be the President, chairman and the CEO of the famous National Steel Car which happens to be the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in Nothern America. The company has its location in Hamilton and has been the leading in the region. Greg also happens to be a respected business manager and a great philanthropist who have dedicated his time and resources for the betterment of the people across the globe. He is always on the frontline helping the needy cases in the society.


Greg was born on 30th April 1949 and went to the famous Western Ontario University. He specialized in Economics after having graduated from Ridley College. That was a great boost to his future career. He was able to learn more about management and also was able to study more about the economic trends. He was also a committed student and had always desired to achieve in life.


Greg James Aziz Early Life

After graduation, Gregory joined his family business as a manager. The company was called Affiliated Foods which was a wholesale business whereby they used to sell fresh foods that they used to sell from Central, Europe and also South America. They have distribution points in all the major wholesale markets in Canada and also the United States. After helping the company grow and also gaining several management skills, he moved on to further fields in search of better opportunities.


Greg relocated to New York in the 1980s whereby he worked with various banking institutions. He worked tirelessly to save for the purchase of National Steel Car. The company had been in business since 1912 but Greg Aziz decided to invest in it. He bought the company in the year 1994 from the famous Dofasco. He wanted to transform the company into a great venture. Get More Info Here.


When the company was purchased, their manufacturing capacity was only 3,500 cars that later improved to 12,000 cars annually. This expansion was only after a period of only five years. He was also able to expand the number of employees from 600 to about 3,000 in total. He has worked for the growth and expansion of the company. Greg Aziz has also helped in promoting team building and also great engineering capabilities. He also worked towards promoting team-work among his employees. That way the company has been able to realize its lifetime potential and is the current giant with an ISO certification.

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Gregory Aziz Continues The Reign Of National Steel Car

Greg Aziz has certainly seen his fair share of challenges in his line of work. It isn’t every day that you become the CEO of the world’s largest freight car company. The work he’s had to do since then is simply beyond what many others in his position could even imagine. He’s made himself one of the most prominent business leaders in the world. There aren’t too many people with his level of influence out there, but he’s determined to make sure that his impact is felt. If the work being done at National Steel Car is any indication, James Aziz certainly headed in that direction.


A Legacy To Cary On

Gregory Aziz is taking the helm of a company with decades of important influence on the American economy and culture. National Steel Car was essential in the development of commerce across the vast United States and played an important part in creating the modern infrastructure we see today. Gregory J Aziz is doing everything he can to bring that legacy with him into the 21st century and define what the company is going to do next. See More Info Here.


Where He Comes Into Play

His experience as a CEO is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Before he was CEO of National Steel Car, he was already one of the most successful leaders in business out there. His experience has given him a level of respect you won’t find for many other CEOs. Nobody has gone as far as he has, and few have managed to reach as far as he has in their ambitions. That has given him the ability to give National Steel Car the ability to move forward with their ambitions into new markets and strengthen their lead.


The Future Is Bright

The work of Gregory J Aziz has absolutely given National Steel Car what it needs to keep going on into the future. There will always be a need for freight cars and there will always be a need to transport goods and services, but the way that looks in the future is up to the brightest minds. Aziz happens to be one of those who can give us a way to understand what the future is going to be like. If there are more thinkers like him out there, we might just see National Steel Car expand upon what it has already built.

More on: https://www.steelcar.com/Greg-Aziz-welcome

Sahm Adrangi’s short sale strategy for 2017

Short selling is one of the oldest and most potentially lucrative financial tactics in use. While most stock purchases and investment required diversification, a short sale is focused on a single stock sometimes for incredible sums of money. This investment strategy is not for the weak of heart or those who have not done the proper research and can be very difficult to gain support for.

There are a few notable examples of short sale focus funds but none quite as unique as Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital Managment. His new fund is the first-of-its-kind, relying upon their hedge fund managers’ ability to raise money in to support their specific investment philosophy. In many cases, this is most distressed assets such as for energy companies and securities backed by residential mortgages. Kerrisdale’s strategy, however, will be to use the money to short the stock of a soon-to-be-announced public company.

What’s notable about the short sale is that it is over 100 million dollars, and represents nearly 20% of Kerrisdale’s invested capital. It’s clear that without going into too much detail these fund managers have been able to jimmy a lot of interest and confidence in the thesis.

When asked for more details, officials at they’re still could not answer completely but they were willing to provide brief response. Adrangi said “We’ve taken a company that’s worth north of $10 [billion], and we’ve endeavored to get everyone to understand the insights we have about it,” this valuation gives us some idea of what the company has but no guarantees.

This formal announcement was scheduled in May, and was revealed to be a short sale of PLSE. In a tweet the company said “We’re short $PLSE. Full report at http://kerr.co/plse . This $400m med device co is up 6x since 2016 IPO yet has achieved very little 1/6” For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sahm-adrangi click here.

Eventually, we saw the stock crater down to just under $11 fresh air on September 13th. It is yet to recover from the position that it was short sold at by Kerrisdale. In retrospect, we can see that Sahm’s expertise was on point, The fun was able to net a healthy profit in a very short amount of time. It’s clear to see that all eyes will be on Kerrisdale in the future, with markets responding in kind with their short sales in the future.

A Look at the Philanthropic Endeavors of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has undeniably made a name for himself, especially since he steers the largest natural gas and geothermal contractor all over the world. Away from career matters, he has proven to be an altruistic individual through his increased giving endeavors. In fact, Tony recently donated $5 million meant to fund a research initiative. He also plans to contribute an additional $2 million in the coming days.

Over the years, Tony Petrello has depicted support for research, mainly relating to neurological disorders. This initiative stems from the desire to see children like his daughter, Carena, lead better lives. Carena suffers from a neurological condition that prevents her from learning things like other children do when growing up. To try to find answers for their baby’s condition, Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, set out to look for a pediatric research facility. This quest led them to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Since beginning his relationship with the Texas Children’s hospital, Tony Petrello has developed many instrumental contacts to back his mission including Dan Duncan, the director, and chairperson of Enterprise Products. Dan and his wife are behind the creation of the Neurological Research Institute, which is currently located at Texas Children’s Hospital. Away from that, Tony Petrello is also known for contributing towards a yearly prize at Yale University, his alma mater. The award is meant to honor his mentor and friend Serge Lang.

About Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello or otherwise known as Tony is best known for being the Nabors Industries’ CEO, president and chair of the executive committee and board of directors. Nabors prides itself on being the leading and largest natural gas and geothermal drilling company/contractor in the world. Aside from the United States, the Hamilton, Bermuda-based company operates in other places around the globe such as Africa, Middle East, and the Far East. Over the years, Petrello has played an instrumental role in the development and growth of Nabors Industries, which began in 1968 as Anglo Energy Ltd.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the chief operating officer. Later in 1992, he ascended to the president’s position. In 2003, Petrello was named deputy chair of Nabors Industries. He assumed the position of chief executive officer of Nabors in 2011. Since 2012, Anthony Petrello has been the chairperson of the company’s executive committee and the board of directors. Away from Nabors Industries, also works as a director of several companies including Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC

Read More: executives.findthecompany.com/l/18290/Anthony-G-Petrello

7 Amazing Crown Moulding Designs For Your Home Interior

From extravagant parapet-like proportions to almost invisible additions in our homes, crown mouldings fit the bill of practicality and versatility in design. From its beginning in ancient Greece, this long-lasting wall and ceiling element has been used over and over again in various types of houses and public establishments. Although the predominant material used at the start was stone, you can now find crown mouldings in a variety of materials, spanning from plaster to solid wood and polyurethane to PVC. Now, let’s take a closer look at some great crown moulding ideas for your home.

Embracing Flat Variations 


Mdf moldings are generally recognisable by its sloped S-curve, but that doesn’t mean that other types of flat crown mouldings don’t belong in the same category. Flat crown mouldings can be used to complement a more streamlined design concept (e.g. minimalistic and modern). Because of its subtle appearance, it receives less attention as a feature and instead lends a hand in presenting a stunning room.

Get a Matching Set 

img 2

Since crown mouldings are placed at the junction where the walls meet the ceiling, it can sometimes seem a little lost all on its own up there. To make it more apparent and even have a matching set with the lower section of your wall trims, you can always ensure that they are in the same distinctive colour (whether by painting or by use of material). If your walls are a neutral colour, the trims will stand out even more.

The Simple Coved Choice

Solid wood crown mouldings are definitely part of the cream of the crop. Elegant and build to last, this highly-sought after material can be a little heavy on our budgets though. If you’re looking for a simple design like cove crown mouldings, you should definitely consider using polyurethane. The delicate curve of this type of crown moulding is imminently suitable for any kind of home and can even be easily installed with a little know-how.

The Practical Side

img 3

Modern uplights definitely has its benefits. From a soft splash on our walls to a more defined upwards beam of light, it can definitely set the tone of any room without overwhelming it. Wall crown mouldings are useful for holding and hiding light fixtures and messy wiring; providing an elegant horizontal bed for your display of lights.

The Slated Choice

A more modern interpretation of crown mouldings is to overlap several sizes of flat boards to create a slated effect. Because crown mouldings are usually built to cover more horizontal areas, it can sometimes be a little hard to bridge the gaps between cabinetry and ceiling without using quite a few crown mouldings. By layering over flat pieces, you can cover up unsightly openings without making your space look smaller.

Winning Traditional Designs

img 4

There are several types of crown moulding designs which have stood the test of time. Egg-and-dart detailing is still in use today due to its delicate curved features whereas acanthus leaves provide a nature component in our interiors. For a structured effect, you can consider using dentil crown mouldings instead. Depending on your preference, using detailed crown mouldings can really improve the atmosphere of the room and lend an air of sophistry and elegance.

Intricate Patterns

img 5

There’s really no such thing as having too many crown mouldings as long as you have the ceiling height to hold all of it. Grand rooms and entrances can sometimes be a combination of two to three crown mouldings instead of just one. If you’re a fan of elaborate designs, you can always use a clever combination of crown mouldings on your ceiling, cabinetry and entryways to pull off the best mix of elegance at a single glance.

If you’re still unsure what type of crown moulding is suitable for your home, you should definitely reach out to a professional for some expert tips. Since there are many types of crown moulding designs and materials to choose from, at least you know you won’t be lacking in choices.


Gregory J Aziz Background

Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London. He attended Ridley College and later joined the University of Ontario where he majored in Economics. In 1971, he joined his family at their wholesale food business called Affiliated Foods. Over sixteen years, Affiliated Foods grew becoming an international importer of fresh food from South and Central America and Europe. The Affiliated foods distribution expanded to various prime fresh foods wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and all over the United States.


Greg James Aziz at the National Steel Car

James Aziz worked in New York in late 1980s and early 1990s in a number of investment banking opportunities. In 1994, he was able to organize the buying of National Steel Car that was owned by Dofasco. This company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg main goal during the purchase was to make the National Steel Company a North America leader in rail freight car manufacturer. He focused his attention on human and capital investment, engineering capabilities and team building that resulted to the company expanding its capability in manufacturing.


The manufacturing capability rose to 12,000 cars by 1999 compared to the initial of 3,500 cars per year. Employment grew from 600 to close to 3,000. Gregory J Aziz serves as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and chairperson of the company. The constant pursuit of manufacturing and engineering excellence and keen listening to the voice of the customer has led to National Steel Company becoming a leader in the new car innovation industry. Each year it continues to build thousands of new railroad freight.


National Steel Car is ISO 9001:2008 certified and as the sole railroad freight company in the North America holding such a certification. This company has since 1996 honored with the quality award, TTX SECO consistently. It has continued to upgrade their technology to increase productivity and safety and contribute to North America environment footprint.


Greg Aziz on charity

1Through National Steel Car Gregory J Aziz is involved in charitable work. The company has sponsored local charities in Hamilton community such as the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquinas, United Way and others. Each year thousands of employees in the company attend the Christmas Party organized by the National Steel Company together with their spouses and children. They also participate in the company food drive to the local food banks. Gregory Aziz and his wife sponsor the Winter Fair Royal Agricultural an agricultural fair in Canada. Read This for additional information.

Gregory James Aziz, Turning Failures Into Successes

In this highly competitive era, some people have proven that they got all it takes to break to the surface through success. Among the list of the people whom we can say they made it you can never miss the name, Gregory James Aziz. The sixty-eight-year-old man has worked his way up the ladder of success and now owns one of the leading rolling stock companies known as National Steel Car. His has been a ride of hard work as his success did not grow overnight.


1James Aziz was born in London where he also grew up and undertook his studies at the University of Western Ontario. He graduated with a major in Economics and put the skills he learned at the facility into play through working at his family’s business which is known as Affiliated Foods. Here Greg Aziz was able to sharpen his skills, and it was where he cemented his career. Aziz worked with his family for close to two decades. Thanks to his exceptional economic and financial capabilities Affiliated Foods grew from a simple local business to a universal importer of fresh foods and also a distributor to major wholesale markets across different parts of the Europe, Central and South America, United States and Canada. Owing to the success, he gained with his family business many would think that he would settle there and take over fully but in his mind, Greg James Aziz had better plans. He wanted to grow himself independently and in early 1980’s James went to the United States where he worked with various prominent companies in the banking sector. Find More Information Here.


During his time at the bank, Gregory worked with National Steel Car and helped the ailing company with some of its financial problems and even managed to get a role in the business. However, the great depression had largely affected National Steel Car, and it was not able to meet the production requirements or any other of its objectives. Rather than running away to find better opportunities since his skills could allow, Gregory James Aziz purchased the company and made it even better. Through his skills and experience which he had gained, Greg Aziz was able to make the company better, and in about six years, he had increased the production rate by more than a hundred percent and also the number of workers. Today the company which is a century old is one of the leaders in rolling stock and holds billions regarding assets and cash thanks to this man Gregory J Aziz and his emphasis on team building which ensures that every staff member cooperates with the others to make the company better. Gregory is not selfish, and he understands that making the whole community better is the only way to make the company move to even greater heights. That is why he is involved in many philanthropic activities through National Steel Car. He offers sponsorship to many platforms such as the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army among many others. Gregory is a husband to a beautiful woman known as Irene and is a father of two.

Visit: http://gregaziz1.strikingly.com/#about-greg-aziz

Benefits of Stock Options as Discussed by Jeremy Goldstein

Recently, majority of large corporations have decided to stop giving stock options to their employees. Some of them do this as a result of monetary reasons while some of them have more complex reasons for doing so. These companies have been convinced not to offer these stock options by three main issues. The first reason is the dropping of the stock value. Employees have small chances of exercising their options in case the stock value goes down. The company however still has to report any related expenses. Due to this, the stakeholders may face the overhang options. Jeremy Goldstein who is an experienced attorney on business law gave his insights about stock options.

Majority of employees do not also trust this compensation method since they understand that an economic downturn can render the option benefits worthless. In their view, the employees see the benefits as casino tokes and not cash. According to Jeremy Goldstein, stock options serve to only bring the accounting burden up. Due to this, the resultant costs may make any financial benefits like stock options worthless. Moreover, majority of employees believe that they may only benefit a lot if they were given a higher salary that just the stock option benefits. Jeremy Goldstein however states that stock options are still better when compared to insurance cover, equities or even increased wages.

Jeremy Goldstein has more than 15 years worth of experience as a licensed attorney. He now operates a law firm which is based in New York. He has in the past worked as a partner in another law firm where he served for several years. Jeremy Goldstein is known as a very reliable and efficient attorney whose specialty is in the business law. He has worked for some of the top companies in the United States such as Energy, AT & T, Verizon, Chevron and Merck.


Read https://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeremy-goldstein-explains-knockout-options-help-employers/ to learn more.

Life Line Screening On Prevention of Advanced Age Health Mishaps

     As one advances in age, their health becomes more fragile, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases. The risk of a stroke, on the other hand, doubles once one attains the age of 55 years; this is according to statistics obtained by the National Stroke Association. These changes occur naturally regardless of whether one is living a healthy lifestyle. The changes usually do not come with any symptoms, and that is why it is essential to get screened.

Life Line screenings are preventative screenings that were put in place by qualified doctors. Preventative screenings detect hidden potential health problems. The doctors give advice and administer medicine to patients accordingly before the health issues become a full-blown problem. The testing is conducted by professional doctors.

Life Line screening has identified within the past year more than 60,000 cases of potentially fatal health risks that showed no warning symptoms. A preventive ultrasound discovered near dangers of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Lifeline Ultrasound screenings are painless, non-invasive and require little or no preparation. The EKG screening for an irregular heartbeat is also non-invasive and painless. Blood screening at Life Line screenings requires a minimal invasion. All it takes is a little finger stick to draw a few drops of blood that will be used for the screening.

There are however other screenings that require a little prior preparation. This preparation can come in the form of the previous fasting with no food. When a patient undergoing screening is necessary to fast, it means that they shouldn’t take solid food for some hours before the testing. They, however, can make water and their medication if any. Diabetic patients, however, can stick to their prescribed diabetic diet if they find it uncomfortable to fast.

Below is a list of types of screening and the kind of preparation required by Lifeline Screenings:

Carotid artery disease

Wear open collar and short sleeved shirts.

Atrial fibrillation

Wear loose clothing preferably a two-piece outfit devoid of any accessories. Do not apply anything on your body prior.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm

Wear a loose two-piece clothing and only eat a light meal at least for hours before screening.

For more, please check Life Line Screening Made Preventive Health Care Easy.

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