Perry Mandera And A Recap of His Latest Blog Posts

Most of the articles you read online can be very fetching in style, but appear low in substance. That’s something that we want to address in telling you in this article the latest updates of Perry Mandera.


In this article, we will try to recap at least two of the latest blog posts of Perry Mandera and conflate the articles and give you the substance that you need for whatever purpose. Whether you want to learn about Perry Mandera’s Custom Co, Inc., which he owns, or you just are curious about how he runs his companies, this article is for you (Chicago.CBSLocal).


Recap of Two Articles

Two of the latest articles that you read from his blog include the one about the latest software he’s acquired for his business, and the other one would be about the new changes he made for his company to make sure that the customer service issues in his company would be addressed.


In the first part, it was shown that there are now three new software technologies that Perry Mandera uses for his company, The Custom Companies. Custom Companies Inc. is a relatively known transportation and logistics companies today and service providers that offer help in North Lake, Illinois, which helps in making sure that people get the deliveries they need for their personal or business needs.


In the second blog post that we should recap, it is said that one way that Custom Companies make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services, they always try to incorporate the new technologies available today, which includes an electronic bill of lading (


This feature makes it easy for companies and individuals to enter into a contract of carriage and make sure that there will be fewer litigation concerns when they transact with the company. That said, when a billing is entered into by a customer, it is now easy for the customer to make the order and enter the info needed to make sure that the client receives the delivery it needs.


About Perry Mandera


Perry Mandera is right now the successful owner of Custom Companies for over 30 years now. His business has continuously expanded in areas quite unforeseen before.

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