Photographic African Safari

Today’s travelers are less about hunting and more about shooting wildlife on their cameras. Eco-tourism and preservation of wildlife habitats are making great strides in providing visitors a way to enjoy natural beauty while also actively preserving the land and wildlife habitats. Preservation and eco-tourism have become increasingly important as the modern world continues to expand and encompass more and more land. The preservation of wildlife habitats is key to many preservation efforts, and eco-tourism aims to protect the natural surroundings while providing a sustainable and educational experience for guests. World travelers are now more aware than ever of their impact upon the fragile landscapes that are most desirable to visit.


Photographic safaris provide a breathtaking experience while also educating its participants about the observed wildlife and their fragile habitats. Photography is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with wildlife and their environs, especially in the African bush country. Safaris have a sense of mystique surrounding them and call to mind romantic images from the time of Hemingway. Many people name African safaris as one of their most desired trips but are hesitant to actually hunt wild animals. By opting for a photographic safari travelers are able to experience the African bush in a sustainable and more eco-friendly manner.


In this vein, WildArk has created a hospitality business based upon the tenets of preservation and eco-friendly tourism. Their firm provides tourist opportunities in some of the world’s most beautiful and fragile environments. Their business model provides guided tours in the African bush as well as photographic safaris that allow participants to experience a breathtaking experience that is filled with natural wonder.


WildArk is a preservation and eco-tourism endeavor that works to protect fragile landscapes and maintain pristine wilderness the world over. Based in South Africa, this company also provides top-rate travel opportunities in wilderness areas. Their South African photography courses teach their guests many helpful hints on how to effectively and beautifully photograph wild creatures in their natural habitat. The lucky participants will likely come away with some great pics and a deepened respect for our natural world.


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