Sanjay Shah And His Found For His Son

Sanjay Shah is an individual that has shown himself to be resilient and driven ever since he was young. Sanjay Shah was encouraged as a young man to go to school to be a doctor. Sanjay Shah really appreciated the work that doctors did for individuals that were sick, and because of that he believed that medicine was his calling. Sanjay Shah started to study medicine for a few years, but he soon found out that medicine was not something that he wanted to do. Even though Sanjay Shah is an individual that likes to give to others, he had a true interest in numbers, and he wanted to work in banks. Shah decided to change his major and he went to school to be an accountant. Sanjay Shah worked for many investment banks and he soon made a name for himself.

In 2009, Sanjay Shah found himself without a job because of the huge financial crisis with banks. Shah decided that he was going to take a chance and start up his own financial company. That financial company was named Solo Capital. Now Solo Capital has assets that amount to €67.45 million and its cash flow is over €30 million.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah started Autism Rocks to help his little son that was diagnosed with autism. Sanjay Shah found it difficult to understand his son’s diagnosis, and he wanted to get more education about autism. Shah found that there was not that much education and information out there to help families and individuals that were diagnosed with autism, and that is what led him to found the gofundme campaign for Autism Rocks.

This gofundme campaign is made to help raise money for the research of autism. This research is not there to cure the diagnosis, but rather it is there to help individuals to get a better understanding of autism,. Autism Rocks has been able to raise thousands of dollars for the research of autism, and Sanjay Shah and his wife have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help this organization as well.

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  1. Sanjay Shah and all parents in the world are really trying in showing kindness in their homes and abroad. Caring for autism is a really good research best essay review tells us they are doing exceptionally well for their rating.

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