Staying Up to Date on Your Online Rep

The web has evolved from pages that are not updated regulated, pages were static. Now pages are updated almost hourly and to much extent user generated. Any computer user can buy a page or start a blog. Staying on top of internet traffic is vital for a company’s brand. According to  onlinereputationreviews,72% of today’s consumers use social media to interact with brands. Even 95% of millennials think company’s should have a Facebook page or a social media page of some kind.

 The first step in online reputation management is to find out what the customers are saying about you and where they are posting it. Use social media to your advantage. Find custom tweets about your company and see what people are saying. Negative reviews need to be handled. Google alerts is another great tool to use that will help you find out what is being said about your company.

 Next make sure your reviews are up to date. These speak about your company and help customers figure out it they want to use your company or product. Sites like Yelp can really help build a good reputation. Also, make sure to personally respond to negative reviews. Admit and correct mistakes when needed. Make sure that communication is always between your employees and your customers. Communication shows that your company has nothing to hide, which will help when and if negative reviews occur. Online reputation management can be handled if done proactively and appropriately. If needed, your company can always hire a firm to help.

Manage Online Reputation


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