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Anthony Petrello life story

Anthony Petrello has always had a knack for success in all of his careers. From being a mathematician at the Yale University to a lawyer at Baker& McKenzie law firm and finally in his various roles at Nabors Industries. Anthony who was born in Newark, New Jersey has been a hard working person all his life. His success has simply been a product of the effort that he has applied in his efforts to succeed in life. As the CEO of Nabors, he was the highest paid U.S corporate executive in 2014. This just shows the type of man we are talking about. One of the top cream in the global corporate sector. Nabors Industries is an international oil and drilling company from the United States.

From a young age, Anthony was brought up knowing that in life he had to work hard to achieve his dreams and ambitions. Having been born from a humble family, he never enjoyed the luxuries of life in his early life. He was taken to public schools by his parents where he had to contend with an education system that was inferior compared to that offered at private institutions. However there was something extraordinary about Anthony Petrello, he was a genius in mathematics.

At the elementary level, he was able to solve complex mathematical problems that not even his peers would attempt. While in high school representative s from the Yale University noticed his special talent and offered him a full scholarship to study at the institution. He was to take a course in mathematics. He was also to be mentored by Serge Lang, a professor of mathematics lecturing in the university. Anthony Petrello stayed at the institution until he finished his masters in mathematics. After that, he decided to move away from a career as a mathematician.

Anthony Petrello joined Harvard school of law, from where he graduated with a Juris Doctor. He then went to work with Baker& McKenzie law firm in New York. He used to handle issues of corporate taxation. He attracted many clients into the firm due to his sound interpretation of the law.

In 1991, Petrello quit his job as a lawyer to join Nabors industries as a corporate executive in charge of operations in the firm. Since joining Nabors, he worked his way up to finally become the CEO in 2011. Throughout his tenure at Nabors, he had shown unique characteristics in business management especially in setting strategic plans for the company.

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