Wessex Institute and Their History

Transferring knowledge, especially between the academic sphere and industry, is a vital task in today’s economy.Knowledge diffusion fuels innovation and technical progress, and it is the reason Professor Charles Brebbia founded Wessex Institute of Technology in 1986. The Institute is located in the New Forest National Park at Ashurst Lodge in England, but it conducts activities around the world.

Over the years, Wessex Institute has built a prestigious reputation for helping academics and business people network and exchange ideas and information. The Institute uses several strategies to achieve its goals. First, Wessex sponsors an annual international conference series. It also offers programs for graduate study for advanced students. Finally, the organization provides extensive publishing and software service resources.

Wessex is the successor to an earlier organization founded in 1981, the Computational Mechanic’s Institute.

Check out Wessex’s Wikipedia page for more information about courses and their history.

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