What’s New in Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that helps grow businesses and give business opportunities through video technology. It involves marketing products from person-to-person by independent associates in over 140 countries. The company was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. The primary mission of Talk Fusion is to give back to the family, friends, communities and animal charities with the aim of changing the world. Talk Fusion functions by adding videos to your emails, newsletters, online chats, blogs, and webinars quickly and affordable. The videos engage your prospects and customers with the aim of increasing your sales. With Talk Fusion, you can make your marketing more engaging, memorable, and persuasive. The products offered by Talk Fusion are video email, video newsletters, live meeting, video chat, real-time reports, and sign-up forms.

Talk Fusion has launched its highly anticipated 30-day Free Trials. The trial is in nine different languages, and it is available in over 140 countries. New customers can try the all-in-one video marketing solution without associated risks for 30 days. The 30-days free trial include features such as Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Live Meetings, Video Chat, and Video Newsletters. With the free trial you can invite up to 50 people to your video conference, store a maximum of 500 email addresses, and access webinars, marketing resources, and product tutorials.

Talk Fusion has updated its award-winning product-video chat. According to WebRTC, video chat was named the Communications Solutions Product of the Year. The update enables the application to streamline users’ communication while helping them to build their businesses. The new video chat is embedded with features such as group chats and easier access contacts, track the progress of team members and allows users to talk and text efficiently.

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